CIOs and thought leaders to meet in New York City and Washington DC for PDF Day

PDF Association staff // October 15, 2014


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From digital signatures to automated invoice processing to ADA compliance, PDF’s capabilities go far beyond a faithful rendition of a printable page. But although PDF is accepted everywhere, the technology is underutilized everywhere as well.

In a pair of live, all-day technology education events this coming December, almost 20 experts in PDF technology are coming together for “PDF Day” to deliver an intensive day of high-level education on what can be accomplished with this universally-accepted electronic document technology.

PDF Day sessions will discuss, without product or company promotion, the possibilities for leveraging this open, ISO standards-based technology in a wide variety of business-cases in commercial and government organizations. These events are intended specifically for IT and ECM executives, strategists and others whose mission is to reduce friction in existing business processes while leveraging familiar technologies.

For example, few know that PDF is no longer owned by Adobe Systems; that PDF is now an internationally- standardized technology (ISO 32000). The fact alone has profound positive implications for PDF as a reliable platform for business processes – customers can feel secure committing large-scale implementations to PDF technology without fear of vendor lock-in.

We’ll talk about that, and much more, at PDF Day.

An organization of over 110 software developers focused on creating and processing PDF files, the PDF Association is hosting PDF Day to raise awareness of the power of PDF technology among IT executives and planners.

PDF Day in Washington DC will have 18 short, intensive sessions in 2 tracks, all dedicated to addressing the government IT perspective on PDF technology, especially archiving (PDF/A), authentication (digital signatures) and accessibility (Section 508). A panel discussion on trends in government adoption of document technology, and - while all educational sessions will be vendor and product neutral, the fast-paced commercial session: “4 minutes with a PDF developer” ends the day by highlighting what’s available on the market.

PDF Day in New York will have 15 sessions in 2 tracks, all dedicated to delivering information and answering questions about how PDF technology enables electronic business, with special focus on the financial services and legal sectors. The day ends with a panel discussion on where electronic document technology should be going.

Leverage the power of PDF. PDF Day: non-commercial education for IT managers and executives.


PDF Association staff

The staff of the PDF Association are dedicated to delivering the information, services and value members have come to expect. Staff members of the PDF Association include: Alexandra Oettler (Editor), Betsy Fanning (Standards Director), Duff Johnson (Chief Executive Officer), Matthias Wagner (Operations Director), Peter Wyatt (Chief Technology Officer), Thomas Zellmann (PDF Evangelist).  


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PDF Association staff

The staff of the PDF Association are dedicated to delivering the information, services and value members have come to expect. Staff …