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The PDF Association Solution Agent supports PDF technology users by making it easier to ask questions and find solutions.

A free, no-obligation service, the Solution Agent broadcasts qualified requests to the entire PDF technology community and allows users to screen responses before their email address is shared.

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About the PDF Association

We are an international collaboration of member organizations and individuals actively learning from and supporting each other in the development and use of PDF technology.  

We invite developers of PDF solutions; companies that work with PDF in the document and enterprise content management (ECM) context and users who want to advance their implementations of PDF technology, to join, learn from and contribute to our efforts.


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Visual Technology Services

We’ve always had a clear aim at PDF3D and that is to make life easier for those who work with highly technical, complex, 2D and 3D data. Everything we develop has communication, collaboration and workflow …


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ISO Spring 2022 meetings

In May 2022, the ISO committees for PDF and related standards will gather for several days of meetings. NOTE: There is no WG 6 at this time. Working Group 5 ISO/NP Document management – 2D image formats New project being proposed. Review the project raContinue reading