PDF/UA Reference Suite 1.1

The PDF Association's PDF/UA Technical Working Group (PDF/UA TWG) has posted an updated version of the PDF/UA Reference Suite, an update and replacement to the 2014 edition. The new PDF/UA Reference Suite 1.1 set of 10 PDF documents conform to PDF/UA-1 and adhere to the recommendations made by the TWG’s Tagged PDF Best Practice Guide: Syntax.

The PDF/UA Reference Suite is a reference for software developers and practitioners interested in best-practices for creating tagged and accessible PDF files. Ranging from publications to transactional records the collection represents a cross-section of document types reflecting the wide variety of uses for PDF technology. Documents included in the PDF/UA Reference Suite demonstrate correct tagging in a number of sophisticated cases, including:

  • Content spanning multiple pages
  • Complex table structures
  • Interactive forms
  • Links targeting structure elements
  • Scanned documents

In addition to conformity with PDF/UA-1 some files are also in conformity with PDF/A-2, the archival standard for PDF. Some files additionally demonstrate that PDF and PDF/UA-1 support the use of structure elements for diverse purposes so long as they do not impact interpretation or representation of the document’s logical structure.

Questions or concerns about these samples from the general public may be directed towards; PDF Association members should post to the PDF/UA TWG listserv.

Changes in version 1.1

  • Updates to some of the PDF/UA Reference Suite 1.0 files to conform with the recommendations made by the Tagged PDF Best Practice Guide: Syntax
  • Added files representing common content
  • Some old files removed

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Freely available under a CC-BY 4.0 license.

Published by the PDF Association. PDF/UA TWG members contributing sample PDF files to the set include:

The PDF/UA Reference Suite is made freely available under a CC-BY 4.0 license.

September 16, 2020




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