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The PDF Association publishes a variety of documents and other resources to help developers, product managers, and others interested in leveraging PDF to meet their business and organizational objectives.

Most publications listed on pdfa.org are developed through our publications process, and are freely available to members and non-members alike.

PDF Association members may access drafts of current and upcoming ISO standards via the members-only intranet.


The Matterhorn Protocol 1.1


The Matterhorn Protocol, a free publication, identifies all possible ways to fail PDF/UA-1.

Matterhorn Protocol 1.1 cover page



PDF Specification Index

This page provides external links to legacy Adobe PDF references and errata, as well as the ISO 32000 family of standards. PDF Version Year Reference Documents Adobe PDF 1.0 1993 Portable Document Format Reference Manual Version 1.0 (ISBN 0–201–62628–4) Adobe …

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The Matterhorn Protocol 1.1

The Matterhorn Protocol, a free publication, identifies all possible ways to fail PDF/UA-1.

Matterhorn Protocol 1.1 cover page

PDF 2.0 Application Note 003: Use of object metadata streams

This document summarizes exactly where PDF creators should add XMP metadata to PDF objects, and thus where PDF processors should search for it.

Application Note 003 cover

Stressful PDF Corpus

Understanding the problems faced by diverse parsers can be a great learning experience. The “Issue Tracker” corpus of stressful PDF files was originally developed under the DARPA-funded “SafeDocs” program.

Bell cure of PDF complexity.

ISO 32000-2:2020 (PDF 2.0)

ISO 32000-2:2020 is the current version of the PDF specification. It was developed by the volunteers of ISO TC 171 SC 2 WG 8.

PDF 2.0 on iso.org

Solution Agent

The Solution Agent is a free service for the industry to provide organizations and individuals with a unique, vendor-neutral platform to begin their search

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PDF/UA Reference Suite 1.1

The PDF/UA Reference Suite is a resource for software developers and practitioners interested in best-practices for creating tagged and accessible PDF files

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PDF in Manufacturing

PDF in Manufacturing includes a high-level introduction to the wide range of manufacturing-relevant technologies built into the PDF format.

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Normative references of ISO 32000-2:2020

To help implementers stay current the PDF Association maintains a page of links to current versions of documents normatively referenced from ISO 32000-2:202x.

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PDF Declarations

PDF Declarations facilitate a machine-readable notification that a PDF file (and/or its contents) conform to a given 3rd party specification.

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