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PDF/A the Hot Topic at the DMS EXPO

September 28, 2006 (Berlin) – The new ISO standard for long-term archiving, PDF/A, was one of the critical topics at this year’s DMS EXPO. This was also clear to the recently founded PDF/A Competence Center, whose PDF/A seminar the day before the DMS EXPO was completely booked out. And it was standing room only at the lectures on the PDF/A format offered during DMS 2006. The announcement of Acrobat 8 with extended PDF/A functionality contributed to this.

The founding members of the PDF/A Competence Center were all present as exhibitors at DMS 2006 and were pleased at the large great number of visiting professionals. Moreover, six companies spontaneously decided to join the PDF/A Competence Center: Actino Software GmbH, atori GmbH, Docucom AG, intarsys consulting GmbH, OPENLiMiT SignCubes AG and PENTADOC AG. Page Technology Marketing Inc. also joined as the first international member.

The PDF/A Competence Center
The PDF/A Competence Center was only recently established as an association. The objective of the association is to promote the exchange of information and experience regarding long-term archiving in accordance with ISO 19005: PDF/A. This includes, among other things, scheduling regular professional seminars.

The members of the PDF/A Competence Centers focus on both technical and conceptual aspects. They contribute actively to the advancement of the PDF/A standard and are represented in part in the ISO committee. The PDF/A Competence Center has set up the Web site www.pdfa.org to provide interested parties with a central point of contact for information. This includes comprehensive information on the topic and additional links regarding the ISO standard.

New members recruited
The new members further expand the expertise of the PDF/A Competence Center: Actino Software GmbH. for example, has been specialized in the development and marketing of PDF applications for the past ten years. The products for companies and integrators cover the creation, checking and correction of PDF/A documents.

For archive migration, atori GmbH provides the option to check existing image formats with respect to their possible conversion to PDF/A and convert them appropriately. Even without migration, any number of archiving formats can be supplemented by PDF/A.

DocuCom AG (Switzerland) is active in the field of document output management. The company has specialized in transferring legacy electronic archives to new solutions in order to solve the issue of interfaces between the archive and output systems. Clients benefit from more efficient document processes, and PDF/A plays a key role for DocuCom in this respect.

intarsys consulting GmbH has also responded quickly to the PDF/A trend. The company supplies products and solutions for everything involving electronic documents and forms. In addition to PDF document workflows and qualified electronic and biometric signatures, intarsys offers “PDF/A live!” – one of the first PDF/A validation and correction applications for online use and server operation based on the CABAReT PDF Stage platform.

Another new PDF/A Competence Center member, OPENLiMiT SignCubes AG, a subsidiary of OPENLiMiT Holding AG, is a specialist for electronic signatures. OPENLiMiT signature technology is the first signature software certified by the German federal authority for IT security in accordance with the Common Criteria EAL4+ as well as the German Digital Signature Act (SigG) and the German Digital Signature Ordinance (SigV). The company is one of the first signature suppliers to generate a qualified electronic signature (QES) for PDF/A.

PENTADOC AG is an independent management consulting firm for document management and ECM. The company’s mission includes providing the right strategies for the future to facilitate archiving in compliance with auditing requirements; PDF/A plays an important role in this effort.

Thomas Zellmann, executive chairman of the PDF/A Competence Center, is more than satisfied. “We knew that PDF/A would be a hot topic at the DMS trade show, but the level of interest exceeded our wildest expectations! Of course, we also wanted to address the issue of new members, but we did not expect that our PDF/A Competence Center would already have 13 members after DMS. We are pleased that these new members can provide competent coverage of further PDF/A topics, enabling our Competence Center to meet the apparent needs of solution providers and users exactly.”

About the PDF/A Competence Center
The PDF/A Competence Center was established as an association in 2006. The objective of the association is to promote the exchange of information and in the field of long-term archiving in accordance with ISO 19005: PDF/A. Among the founding companies are callas software GmbH, Compart Systemhaus GmbH, LuraTech Europe GmbH. PDF Tools AG (CH) and PDFlib GmbH. The executive chairman is Thomas Zellmann, a managing partner of LuraTech. Hans Baerfuss, CEO of PDF Tools AG, Switzerland, is the deputy executive chairman.

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