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Unicode 8.0 is now available

The latest version of the Unicode Standard adds 7,716 new characters and six new scripts. New additions range from emoji characters (including five modifiers for diversity), new ideographs for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, support for more lowercase Cherokee syllables and languages of Africa …

PDF/A use in archives correlated with page size (!?!)

PDF/A adoption remains slow, even in European academic archives.

Comments close on the Section 508 NPRM

Will PDF/UA be an option or a requirement for PDF documents in the coming refresh of Section 508? Duff Johnson walks you through the issues and reviews 3rd party testimony on PDF/UA.

EU: may exclude “non-web format content” from Directive

EU policy-makers reconsider application of WCAG 2.0-based regulations to non-web content.

MadeToPrint available for QuarkXPress 2015

axaio software, developer of solutions for PDF creation, printing and content correction workflows for the publishing and printing markets, announces the availability of a new version of its export extension MadeToPrint for QuarkXPress. The new version replaces the former 32-bit …

PDF Technical Conference 2015: Registration now open!

The PDF Technical Conference 2015 in San Jose, California this coming October offers a unique collection of developer-oriented resources to help non-experts grow PDF-specific knowledge.

How veraPDF does PDF/A validation

How veraPDF’s purpose-built validation model addresses the challenge of PDF/A validation and opens the door to a generalized model for file-format validation.

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Font subsetting – how it works and when to use

In order to reduce the file size PDF producers use a technique called font subsetting. What does exactly happen with the fonts and what are the consequences?

First set of candidate veraPDF corpus files delivered

The first set of 49 candidate test suite files has been loaded to veraPDF’s public Github repository.

PDF is an (invisible) 800 pound gorilla in the room

The Document Strategy Forum 2015 is all about electronic documents, but not so much about PDF.