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Twenty Years of PDF/X – Part II

In this part of ‘Twenty Years of PDF/X’, Dov Isaacs explores how PDF/X tamed PostScript and its impact on the publishing industry.

PostScript, John Warnock, PDF and Adobe Acrobat.

Twenty years of PDF/X

This is the first of a four part series of articles examining the path leading to today’s PDF/X standards.

Adobe's founders and the PostScript logo.

FaaS – Small Is Beautiful

Function as a Service (FaaS) as a relatively new cloud model is also an attractive option in document and output management. But for which processes is FaaS suitable? The advantages and disadvantages need to be weighed up carefully here.

Finger pointing to a cloud with stars on a blue background

PDF/A “for dummies”

This post provides users with a quick overview of PDF/A explaining what it is, why it should be used, what is important about it and how to create PDF/A files.

Archive or library reading room old book open on table shelves of books along the walls

Why PDF matters to Information Governance

This Global Information Governance Day it’s time to focus on how better PDF = better IG. #GIGD

GIGD on a globe

Is the role of encryption key for information governance?

It is essential to understand that with long term storage secure formats does not in themselves prevent user error or data corruption.

Computer storage devices and a shield.

Universal Accessibility – Barrier-free Communication Is More than Inclusion

In fact, it’s about up-valuing content and documents to intelligent information media. In the final analysis, data is the raw material of any digital transformation – including and especially in document and output management.

Assistive technology street markers

Understanding UTF-8 in PDF 2.0

PDF Association’s CTO, Peter Wyatt discusses text strings in PDF.

Image showing UTF-8 support and no UTF-8 support

KPI: Not an end in itself

Key performance indicator (KPI) systems must also be strictly oriented to the strategic corporate goals in document and output management – otherwise they remain ineffective.

tablet with mouse on top of screen and person holding an electronic pencil to the screen

20 years of transparency in PDF

PDF Association CTO Peter Wyatt explains the transparent imaging model in PDF and recounts its significance since Adobe introduced this technology in 2001.

CMYK blend mode examples