MuPDF 1.19.0 Release Notice

Lisa Fenn // October 7, 2021

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Artifex Software is pleased to announce the release of MuPDF 1.19.0

Novato, CA October 6, 2021 – Artifex Software, Inc. developer of MuPDF is pleased to announce the release of MuPDF 1.19.0. Artifex is a trusted developer, partner, and provider of core technologies that drive PDF, print, file conversion, and document management solutions. We provide essential software tools to major printer manufacturers, SaaS and Cloud developers, and PDF tools/creation companies.

Highlights for this Release

Significant improvements to our digital signatures feature have been made, including the addition of appearance customization options, signature form field creation, and support for e-signatures. Other notable new features include:

  • Microsoft Word DOCX output format
  • ODT output format
  • <Undo and redo functions
  • Autosave and restore functions
  • Reflow document wrapper
  • Enhancements to OCR functions
  • Additional 'mutool run' and Java library functions
  • Added new Unicode scripts and fonts for EPUB
  • Support opacity for all markup annotation types
  • C++ and Python bindings now run on Windows
  • Python bindings are now available as pre-built binaries
  • Added demo PDF viewer using the Python MuPDF bindings and PyQt
  • The usual round of bug fixes, code hygiene, compatibility changes, and incremental improvements.
  • And more!

See the MuPDF 1.19.0 release notes for a full list of fixes and enhancements.


About MuPDF

MuPDF is a highly versatile, customizable PDF and XPS interpreter solution that can be used across a wide range of applications as a PDF renderer, viewer, or toolkit. The tiny footprint and lightning-fast performance make MuPDF a perfect fit for mobile browsers, eBooks, and embedded applications where small size is key. MuPDF is offered under a dual licensing model, Open Source AGPL, and a commercial license through Artifex, the exclusive commercial licensing agent for MuPDF.

For over 25 years Artifex Software has provided premier document solutions to top-level global customers. As the developers of Ghostscript and MuPDF, our world-class rendering and conversion technologies help you build better, faster, more robust products. Develop superior print and document management solutions with Ghostscript’s customizable features, comprehensive conversion capabilities, …

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