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callas software announces a maintenance release for callas pdfToolbox 5. This maintenance release has a couple of new features, most of which are related to checking and fixing problems related to page sizes.The new version of callas pdfToolbox 5 offers improved automatic processing of PDFs, improved checking for bleed, and conditional fixes for page geometry issues, addressing requirements for PDF-upload portals.

The first Italian data transmission network that brings together over 20,000 professionals — including accountants, tax and labour experts — has chosen callas’ package as document conversion and verification software for the PDF/A format. Why did they choose callas?

The DAK, Germany’s second largest healthcare company, has migrated their internal information archive to the new ISO standard PDF/A with help from LuraTech. The archive used to exist as digitalized microfilms, scanned into TIFF format. This had the disadvantages of not only requiring a lot of memory space, but in particular the files could not be full-text searched.

CHUV required an installation that would automate the conversion of all document work flows that enter the archiving systems. Files with various formats such as doc(x), html, rtf and PDF in TIFF G4 are handled within their archive. What solution did they choose? How are patient records affected by PDF/A?

Of the possible candidates for the long term archiving of electronic documents PDF/A won out over XPS (XML Paper Specification), TIFF G4 and JPEG. Why?

Kreissparkasse Ludwigsburg is the first savings bank to archive all documents in color as PDF/A in the central OSPlus archive of Finanz Informatik GmbH. Would you like to know how they did it?

A large percentage of documents are created from scanned hard copies – but you can use PDF/A for these documents as well. PDF/A-1 is a much more powerful option to archive your scanned paper documents! Learn more about the benefits of converting to PDF/A.

The introduction of the new act about the funding of childcare in Zurich had raised the question how to efficiently handle contracts in an enterprise content management environment. The regulation resulted in 60,000 households needing to communicate changes in their household and financial situation on a yearly basis. The entire handling was considerably simplified by means of the comprehensive solution implemented by Advellence. The solution includes the “Information Manager” ELOenterprise, an SAP interface as well as the 3-Heights™ Document Converter Service.

Interact Consulting was appointed by a large German insurance provider to automate the email archiving process for personal email belonging to its claims handlers. The new solution should enable claims handlers to induce the import process for personal email considered worthy of archiving, thereby triggering the archiving process. The challenge lay in developing an automated archiving process for the many millions of emails per year. The choice fell on the solution from PDF Tools AG due to the high throughput rate, stability and reliability of its 3?Heights™ Document Converter Service.

The company secretariat at UBS is responsible for archiving management process documents within the Corporate Center and Business Divisions. During a routine archive review it was discovered that the UBS homepage was not included in the archiving process. Despite an extensive disclaimer on the homepage it was decided that UBS should be able to prove in 5 or 20 years time what it communicates via its homepage today. This would provide UBS with greater security as regards the traceability and verification of communication content and would also be advantageous from a historic viewpoint. Are you curious how they did it?

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