Webinar «Do PDF/VT Right: Problem-free PDF files» with Martin Bailey

Global Graphics’ CTO Martin Bailey will be the presenter for a webinar «Do PDF/VT Right: Problem-free PDF files» on April 16, 2014, organized by Xplor Internatinal.

The main topic addressed in the webinar is the question how to avoid disruption to the print workflow when printing variable data jobs and the potential penalties that may ensue? Anyone with a stake in VDP should attend this webinar. Whether you are a print buyer, production manager, press operator, Print Service Provider, or digital press DFE developer you will learn why optimizing PDF files matters and the «dos and don’ts» of making efficient PDF files. It is based on the content of «Do PDF/VT Right™: How to make problem-free PDF files for variable data printing», a concise and objective free guide that was launched by Global Graphics at Xploration 14.


From: April 16, 2014




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