PDF/A in a Nutshell

Long term archiving with PDF

PDF/A in a Nutshell

PDF/A – an ISO standard for long-term archiving. The “A” stands for “Archive”; the PDF/A standard was specifically created for long-term document archiving.

The PDF/A Competence Center wrote PDF/A in a Nutshell with the aim of presenting this very formal ISO standard into a form that is easily understood and enhanced with practical examples. Since PDF/A resolves a lot of the critical problems that users have, we hope that this book gives you a good overview and introduction to PDF/A, and also helps as a motivator for implementing the standard.

Book information: Paperback, various pictures in color, 87 pages. 19,90 Euro

Order this book: http://www.callassoftware.com/callas/doku.php/en:support:knowledge:pdfa_book

Or download PDF/A in a Nutshell – Long Term Archiving with PDF.

Author: Olaf Drümmer, Alexandra Oettler und Dietrich von Seggern

ISBN: 978-3-9811648-1-7

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