JPDFForms – XFA & FDF to HTML5 Conversion

Display your Adobe LiveCycle Forms and Acrobat Forms Data Format on mobile by converting them to HTML5. [...]

JDeli – Java Decoding and Encoding Library for Images

The leading developer library for decoding and encoding images which is also a replacement for ImageIO and JAI. [...]

JPDF2HTML5 – PDF to HTML5/SVG Conversions

Convert all of your documents to HTML5 so you can view them on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. [...]

JPedal 7 Java PDF Library SDK

The leading Java PDF Library and toolkit for Java developers who want to rasterize view and convert PDF Files. [...]

SEAL Systems Corporate Conversion Server

The Corporate Conversion Server from SEAL Systems is a high-performance conversion engine which automatically executes all file conversions company-wide. [...]

SEAL Systems gXconvert

SEAL Systems gXconvert converts all common vector and raster formats in the CAD and Office world, including to PDF/A. gXconvert is available as a batch tool. [...]

SEAL Systems PDF Adapt

With PDF Adjust from SEAL Systems many attributes and characteristics of existing PDF files can be adjusted to a standardized system of rules. PDF Adjust is available for batch mode processing or interactive usage. [...]

LuraTech Rendition Server

The LuraTech Rendition Server enables the construction of a powerful conversion infrastructure which can be addressed through a web service interface using a wide range of programs and environments. [...]

PDF to PowerPoint: Investintech’s New Online Productivity Freebie Inc. releases an online productivity freebie for converting both scanned and native PDFs into PowerPoint (.pptx). The tool is completely free and without any limitations. Just select, upload and convert. [...]