JPedal Java PDF Library

The JPedal Java PDF Library is an actively developed and very capable Java PDF library. [...]

PDF to HTML5/SVG Conversions

The JPedal PDF to HTML5/SVG conversion service takes a PDF file and automatically converts it into proper CSS/HTML5 used in modern browsers and on mobile devices. [...]

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Replacement scanning in compliance with TR RESISCAN

Many businesses are facing a particular problem: how can they preserve legal certainty during the digitalization of paper documents? German law stipulates that the integrity [...]

Docspro-information in motion-RGB

Docspro Advanced PDF Creator

A must have for Kofax customers who are looking for fast and reliable conversion of their scanned documents to compliant PDF documents while retaining the [...]

OCR Processor

AutoOCR – OCR Processor

AutoOCR is an OCR processor watching pre-defined folders, converting automatically new added or changed image documents to fulltext searchable PDF or PDF/A documents.

EMail Archiver

The Email Archiver is a FileConverterPro Microsoft Outlook 2010/2013 plug-in that allows to convert directly from MS-Outlook single or multiple selected emails or entire email [...]

Actino PDF Server

Actino PDF Server

Centralized document creation and distribution Actino PDF Server is a server-based solution which enables enterprises to provide and manage centralized PDF-creation services for all workplaces. [...]

Actino DRM Server

Actino DRM Server

Secured document distribution Whilst PDF is the best way to distribute valuable information and confidential documents, the PDF file is no longer controlled by the [...]