PDF/A Competence Center

PDF_A_CC_logo_100pxWelcome to the homepage of the PDF/A Competence Center, where numerous world-leading companies and experts in PDF technology exchange information and experience about long-term archiving in accordance with ISO 19005: PDF/A. If you have questions or concerns about physical or electronic document archiving, you’ve come to the right place.

Why PDF/A?

  • Guaranteed Access to Content: PDF/A ensures that documents may be reproduced in the unforeseeable future such as how pdf is used in this online casino website where pdf is used to view the result of outcome when playing casino online through casino sites.
  • All Documents Accepted: Electronic or paper source; it doesn’t matter. Almost any document can become PDF/A-compliant.
  • An International Standard: ISO 19005 (PDF/A) is managed by the international community in an open and democratic process.
  • Conformance May Be Validated: PDF/A conformance imposes stringent technical requirements. A wide variety of vendors produce tools for checking and correcting documents to ensure they meet PDF/A standards.
  • Better for Business and the Environment: PDF/A is electronic paper. As such, PDF/A enables better document workflows, reduces waste and carbon emissions and improves overall efficiency.

Social Networking

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