Thinking Beyond the PDF

Why not publish scientific papers and supporting data in a seamless, dynamic, interactive package? At the Beyond the PDF workshop, attendees are looking for big new gains in research productivity, peer-review, dissemination, cross-referencing and more.

Some authors are entranced by the possibilities for reinvigorating science education. They see the chance to bring students closer to the data than ever before, and believe that new sources of inspiration could revolutionize the process of drawing young minds into science and engineering.

If only the publishers, libraries, institutions and technology people would just get their act together, they say, the pace of progress itself would accelerate, encompassing source materials, built-in interactive analysis tools, social media, and more.

I’d like to offer one perspective from the point of view of an organization which has helped dozens of science publishers, pharmaceutical companies, engineering organizations and other demanding consumers of document technologies transition into the digital realm. There’s lots of room for open-source and commercial solutions alike, and the solution is nearer at hand than many might think.

It’s called PDF/E.

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About Duff Johnson

An entrepreneur and CEO in PDF technology since 1996, Duff Johnson is an independent consultant. He has served as Executive Director of the PDF Association since October, 2014. Author of dozens of articles and a blog on electronic document management subjects, Johnson is known throughout the ECM industry as a leading strategist and educator.

Industry Roles

  • PDF Association
    • (2014 - present) Executive Director
    • (2010 - 2014) Board Member and Vice Chairman
    • (2010 - present) Chairman of the PDF/UA Competence Center
  • AIIM
    • (2012 - 2014) Member of the Board of Directors
    • (2012 - 2014) Standards Board Chair
    • (2005 - present) Chairman of AIIM's PDF/UA Committee

Standards Development Roles

  • ISO 32000 (PDF), ISO TC 171/SC 2/WG 8, Project Co-Leader
  • ISO 14289 (PDF/UA), ISO TC 171/SC 2/WG 9, Project Co-Leader
  • US TAG for ISO 32000 (PDF Reference), chair
  • US TAG for ISO 14289 (PDF/UA), chair
  • US TAG for ISO 19005 (PDF/A), member
  • US TAG for ISO 24517 (PDF/E), member
Learn more about Duff's consultancy at his website: Duff Johnson Strategy & Communications

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