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Competence Center Chair
Duff Johnson
PDF/UA Competence Center

The PDF/UA Competence Center provides resources for developers, marketers and policy makers who need to understand ISO 14289, the International Standard for universally accessible PDF, first published in August 2012.

PDF/UA is of interest to organizations concerned with conformance to regulations requiring accessible electronic content including WCAG 2.0, Section 508 in the US, Canada’s Common Look and Feel standard, Britain’s BS 8878, and others.

History of PDF/UA

PDF/UA english

Download the PDF/UA Competence Center’s PDF/UA flyer, itself a PDF/UA-conforming document.

Note: ISO 14289-1:2014 is ISO’s first fully accessible standard; the document conforms to PDF/UA.

Competence Center Member

Adam Spencer

Duff Johnson

Ferass Elrayes

Jens Kirkegaard

Kai Jing

Matthew Hardy

Olaf Drümmer

Sabine Eichler

Samuel Hofer

Shaun Emond