Competence Center Chair
Francois Fernandes
PDF Competence Center

The PDF Competence Center is dedicated to providing articles, webinars, conferences, discussions and resources to assist developers in creating software to comply with ISO 32000, the International Standard for the Portable Document Format (PDF).

Why PDF?

  • Self-contained, totally portable across platforms
  • Tremendous flexibility and power in representing documents and forms
  • Easy to create using hundreds or thousands of independent implementations
  • May be secured for distribution and protection
  • May be authenticated with digital signatures
  • May include semantics to assist in content reuse and accessibility
  • The non-proprietary, democratically-managed, globally-accepted de facto standard for electronic documents

How to get ISO 32000

Since it was first published in 1993, Adobe’s PDF Reference was always a free download from Adobe Systems.

The first ISO standardized specification for PDF, ISO 32000-1 (PDF 1.7), is likewise available for free by special arrangement between ISO and Adobe Systems. Note that Adobe’s Extension Levels are not part of the ISO standard.

For those who prefer to pay, ISO 32000-1 may be purchased online from ISO’s website or your country’s own standards body.

The first post-Adobe PDF, ISO 32000-2, will be published in 2016. PDF 2.0 will not be freely downloadable: a purchase will be required.

Competence Center Member

Bernd Wild

Derek Oberndorfer

Duff Johnson

Francois Fernandes

Kai Jing

Martin Bailey

Matthew Hardy

Olaf Drümmer

Sabine Eichler