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PDF Day France will be the first French-speaking event of the PDF Association, organised by our member ORPALIS. It will take place in Toulouse which is the home ground of Airbus and we are very happy that Airbus will present a case study around its usage of PDF in their document management environment!

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Prospective presenters at the Electronic Document Conference 2019 are invited to submit high-quality original proposals for 25-minute presentations on subjects of interest to developers and technical product managers concerned with electronic document implementations.

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How do we gain insight into how users’ views of documents are shifting? Google Trends is an increasingly interesting source of high-level marketplace data. By aggregating Google’s search data over time, reporting a term’s popularity as compared with all other searches.

veraPDF: after PREFORMA

Boris Doubrov & Martin WrigleyBoris Doubrov and Martin Wrigley from the veraPDF Consortium will be hosting a presentation titled“veraPDF: after PREFORMA” at the PDF Days Europe 2018.



Boris Doubrov is CEO of Dual Lab, the company specializing in product development services in the areas of Computer Graphics, CAD/CAM Modelling and other Science-intensive areas. Boris Doubrov holds a PhD in Mathematics and has been working for more than 15 years in PDF technologies as a software developer, project manager, and business owner. He is an active participant of the ISO activity on PDF standards development and led technical development of veraPDF, an open source industry supported PDF/A validation tool.

Martin Wrigley, Executive Director, Open Preservation Foundation, is responsible for working with members of the Open Preservation Foundation (OPF) and the Board to develop the future strategy and enhance the Foundation’s portfolio of open source digital preservation tools. He has over 30 years experience of working in the software industry, including software development, mobile telecoms and phone apps. He is also the Executive Director of the not-for-profit Application Quality Alliance focusing on mobile app quality and testing standards. Martin was Director of Developer Services at Orange Partner, for 8 years, working with industry partners, app shops and mobile app developers providing strategic and tactical direction and support to the Orange developer community. Prior to that, Martin had more than twelve years in a variety of technical roles in Orange.

Session Description: What’s next for the industry-suppoted veraPDF validatior? This session discusses the impact of the veraPDF project in various areas of the PDF Industry, reviews how members of PDF Association see the future if the product and outlines further short- and long-term plans.

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