UPDF Completes nearly 10 million CNY Angel Round - the UPDF logo is on the top of the tri-level podium, with a yellow pyramid and green O on lower levels

UPDF Completes Nearly 10 Million CNY Angel Round

Superace Software Technologies Co., Ltd. // August 11, 2022

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Founded in September 2021, UPDF by Superace Software Technology is an office collaboration platform focusing on overseas markets and "productivity tools + resources."  In angel round financing, the collaboration platform for layout documents (UPDF) has recently received nearly 10 million CNY. This financing round is led by “PDF upstream manufacturers,” followed by a seed round investor, Tanikawa, and the financial advisor is Shunyong Capital.

UPDF Completes Funding

The raised funds will be used for Product development and talent recruitment. PDF is committed to breaking through traditional tools and models in the industry. They focus on being innovative in documentation, collaborative office data platform, and a better ecosystem. In May 2022, UPDF for Mac is released and it verifies the critical data indicators and business models.

Currently, the team includes 30 people. The core team comprises members from the leading manufacturers in the UPDF industry who have exclusive expertise in product development and international marketing. This handsome amount of 10 million will be a better budget to intensively invest in Research and development and increase the construction of the UPDF platform and ecology.

Superace Software Technology Co., Ltd. is a startup developing PDF converter and editor software. Its star product is UPDF. Now it is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Superace team pursues the goal of maximizing the efficiency of the user experience by designing a compelling user interface for the …

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