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The Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) has awarded its Thomas Bagg Standards Award to Duff Johnson.

The ISO standard for accessible PDF files costs 88 Swiss Francs. As of March 25 it’s also available from AIIM for $15 USD.

The PDF Association’s RoundTable at AIIM 2016 invites ECM industry professionals to share their own experiences of leveraging PDF technology to accomplish business objectives.

Live seminar with technical presentations on How Centralized Shared Services concept of Advanced Rendering (of PDFs) can bring an organization together. The focus will be on the value of PDF within the organizations especially around – Collaboration, C …

PDF is the big gun in the war on paper. It’s time the ECM industry gave up its TIFF based model for electronic documents and embraced the Portable Document Format.

The US Committee for PDF/UA has published its second Technical Implementation Guide. This document focuses on ISO 32000-1.

The AIIM Conference has quickly established itself as the go-to place to find answers to all of your most pressing questions about putting your information to action.

Für viele Menschen, zum Beispiel mit Sehbehinderung, blieb das Dateiformat PDF lange Zeit unzugänglich, da PDF ursprünglich auf die visuelle Präsentation fokussiert war.

As Adobe Systems’ 1993-published Portable Document Format (PDF) grew in popularity, users and developers began to recognise its potential for long-term archiving.

Join us for a cocktail reception and some information on what PDF/A can do for you.