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Shawna McAlearney is the Marketing Specialist for Appligent Document Solutions.
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Participating in the PDF Techniques Accessibility Summit

The PDF Techniques Accessibility Summit’s objective is to establish a broad-based understanding of how PDF files should be tagged for accessibilty. It’s an opportunity to focus on establishing a common set of examples of accessible PDF content, and identify best-practice when tagging difficult cases.

Modernizing PDF Techniques for Accessibility

The PDF Techniques Accessibility Summit will identify best-practices in tagging various cases in PDF documents. Questions to be addressed will likely include: the legal ways to tag a nested list, the correct way to caption multiple images, the appropriate way to organize content within headings.

Refried PDF

My hospital emailed me a medical records release form as a PDF. They told me to print it, fill it, sign it, scan it and return it to the medical records department, in that order. In 2018? To get the form via email (i.e., electronically), yet be asked to print it? Did the last 20 years just… not mean anything! So I thought I’d be clever. I’d fill it first, THEN print it. Or better yet, never print it, but sign it anyhow, and return it along with a note making the case for improving their workflow. The story continues…

Slides and video recordings of PDF Days Europe 2018

You missed the PDF Days Europe 2018? Never mind! Here you can find the slides and video recordings of all 32 stunning sessions!

Using PDF/UA in accessibility checklists

PDF/UA, like PDF itself, is internally complex, but used correctly, actually makes things easier.

Successful PDF/A Workshop for DMS/ECM Providers

December 13, 2007 (Berlin) – The PDF/A Competence Center recently organized a PDF/A workshop for DMS/ECM providers in Karlsruhe, Germany.

This was an exclusive opportunity for the participants to discuss all aspects of PDF/A in the overall context of a complete DMS/ECM system with the experts of the PDF/A Competence Center executive management. The topics covered included basic information, the role of PDF/A in scanning, validation of PDF/A files, migration, and integration in document management systems. All workshop participants agreed that PDF/A capability would be a critical factor in purchasing decisions for many users in the future.

“We are very satisfied with the way this first PDF/A workshop for DMS and ECM providers worked out,” said Dr. Bernd Wild, a board member of the PDF/A Competence Center. “The discussions were fruitful and resulted in a comprehensive exchange of information and many new ideas.”

Leading providers of DMS/ECM solutions among the participants included Alfresco (represented by dmc digital media center GmbH), Ceyoniq Technology GmbH, COI GmbH, DMSFACTORY GmbH, ELO Digital Office GmbH and forcont business technology GmbH. They learned about PDF/Ain conjunction with DMS and ECM systems in five different topic sections.

The speakers, all members of the PDF/A Competence Center executive management, explained everything worth knowing about PDF/A in the areas of scanning, conversion of digital files, validation, migration (of legacy archives, for example), and integration in document management systems. Matthias Kunisch, Managing Director of forcont business technology GmbH explained that “As a DMS provider there is no getting around the subject of PDF/A. Customers increasingly ask for archiving options which comply with current laws and offer real, long-term readability. In addition, PDF/A offers numerous other benefits for companies, such as full text capabilities,
smaller file sizes and color reproduction which is true to the original.”

Numerous providers have already recognized the trend and integrated PDF/A functionality and tools in their product range. For example, Optimal Systems GmbH, the first ECM provider to join the PDF/A Competence
Center in March 2007, offers components for scanning to PDF/A, validation, and conversion to PDF/A. All workshop participants agreed that PDF/A capability would soon become a critical factor in purchasing decisions for
many users. Thus the question is no longer whether they will integrate PDF/A in their products, but how. This was the focus of the discussions during the workshop. The high importance of this technology led Beta Systems to decide to join the PDF/A Competence Center without delay.

About PDF/A
The ISO 19005 standard (PDF/A) defines requirements for creating documents suitable for archiving, based on the widely available PDF format. The standard specifies in detail what content is allowed and what is not. This and other specifications are intended to ensure the long-term readability of documents regardless of the application software and operating system in which they were originally produced. Experts predict that the designation of PDF/A as an ISO standard will promote the popularity of that format, and advantages such as full-text search capabilities will lead to it replacing TIFF in the near future.

About the PDF/A Competence Center
The PDF/A Competence Center was established as an international association in 2006. The objective of the association is to promote the exchange of information and experience in the field of long-term archiving in accordance with ISO 19005 (PDF/A). The management board is composed of executives from callas software GmbH, Compart Systemhaus GmbH, intarsys consulting GmbH, LuraTech Europe GmbH, PDF Tools AG (CH) and PDFlib GmbH. More than fifty companies in over a dozen countries have joined the PDF/A Competence Center within the first year. The executive chairman is Thomas Zellmann, a managing partner of LuraTech. Hans Baerfuss, CEO of PDF Tools AG, Switzerland, is the executive vice chairman.

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Successful PDF/A Workshop for DMS/ECM Providers

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