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What is a “Competence Center”?

The PDF Association started in 2006 as the “PDF/A Competence Center”. The mission was to identify – and thereby establish – a common interpretation of the PDF/A-1 specification. With that accomplished through meetings open to all members, the secondary …

“PDF can do THAT?!”

PDF files deliver a complete package of information that defines a document; everything that’s needed to represent the text, graphics and layout that the recipient receives. To most people, PDF is “electronic paper” – the digital expression of a cellul …

The only digital document format

What is a “document”? A document is a record of some (typically written) content – a publication, a contract, a statement, a painting – at a moment in time. Until the advent of computers (and scanners), the media typically considered useable for such r …

Save the Date: PDF Days Europe 2018, May 14-16, in Berlin

PDF Days Europe is the most popular PDF event of the year. It’s where the PDF industry meets, and where institutional and corporate users come to learn what else PDF could do for them. The first two PDF Days will offer a broad range of educational sessions focussed on current and perennial topics in the world of PDF technology implementation.

The Power of the Page

It’s a question that vexes vendors of web-based solutions everywhere: why do people still insist on PDF files? And why does PDF’s mindshare keep going up? “PDF is such antediluvian technology!” they say. “It’s pre-web, are you kidding me? It’s so old-f …

Session Intro – Track C: Business to Consumer

In business-to-consumer relationships, the topic of PDF/A also crosses over to the consumer. When individual correspondence is used in communications between companies (or other organizations) and consumers, it is relevant for archiving. The correspondence is sent via e-mail or can be downloaded from a web portal, exposing the consumer to long-term archived documents. This usually concerns documents that are created individually for the end-user, such as invoices, quotations, order confirmations etc., and are more or less generated automatically in large quantities. In such a scenario, you must consider additional prerequisites not only on the side of the creator, but also consumer habits and options in this environment.

In the first presentation “PDF/VT – Overview and relation to PDF/A”, Stewart Rogers from Crawford Technologies, UK describes PDF/VT. PDF/VT (“V” for “Variable” and “T” for “Transactional”) defines a variable data printing (VDP) job exchange format and is a published ISO standard in the family of PDF standards. PDF/VT is the ISO 16612-2 (PDF/VT) standard on behalf of the variable and transactional printing industry.

Uwe Wächter, PDF product manager at SEAL Systems discusses “SAP and PDF/A – PDF/A in product life cycle”

What do ERP systems and PDF/A have in common? This question can be quickly answered: purchase vouchers, invoices and other business documents that are printed out of SAP must often be archived. This is an important field where PDF/A is of growing importance. If you use PDF/A for archiving, you will fulfil legal retention obligations and can guarantee that the archived documents will still be legible after many years. No special prerequisites are necessary for implementing PDF/A, and you won’t have to forego on an elegant display or full-text search.

Harald Grumser from Compart AG concludes this section of the proceedings with an article entitled: “Optimising PDF/A documents for large archives” in which he reports on the characteristics of PDF/A in the environment of mass correspondence. Since the PDF/A standard does not allow you to work with external resources (as you would usually do in the area of high-volume printing) and since embedding resources such as fonts for each individual document may lead to an enormously inflated volume of storage, you must weigh up other techniques and approaches that allow you to work with PDF/A and its advantages.

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