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Mission Statement: To promote Open Standards-based electronic document implementations using PDF technology through education, expertise and shared experience for stakeholders worldwide.
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We’ve done PDF Day events and technical conferences across Europe, in the US, in Australia, and elsewhere. This Electronic Document Conference is the first PDF Association event that’s open to all technologies pertaining to documents. It’s about explor …

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2006: The PDF/A Competence Center A new year brings new things, and 2019 is no exception! The “four red blocks” logo was first created for the PDF/A Competence Center in 2006. When that organization became the PDF Association in 2011, the design was ad …

Electronic Document Conference: Call for Papers

Prospective presenters at the Electronic Document Conference 2019 are invited to submit high-quality original proposals for 25-minute presentations on subjects of interest to developers and technical product managers concerned with electronic document implementations.

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How do we gain insight into how users’ views of documents are shifting? Google Trends is an increasingly interesting source of high-level marketplace data. By aggregating Google’s search data over time, reporting a term’s popularity as compared with all other searches.

Participating in the PDF Techniques Accessibility Summit

The PDF Techniques Accessibility Summit’s objective is to establish a broad-based understanding of how PDF files should be tagged for accessibilty. It’s an opportunity to focus on establishing a common set of examples of accessible PDF content, and identify best-practice when tagging difficult cases.

Save-The-Date: PDF Day France, Toulouse, April 4, 2019

PDF Day France will be the first French-speaking event of the PDF Association, organised by our member ORPALIS.

It will take place in Toulouse which is the home ground of Airbus and we are very happy that Airbus will present a case study around its usage of PDF in their document management environment!

PDF Day France will take place Thursday, April 4, 2019 in the Casino Barrière of Toulouse. More than a casino, Casino Barrière Toulouse is a true festive and cultural complex, with a 1200-seat theater, 3 bars, and 3 restaurants.

Multiple PDF experts from the PDF Association members will present about the optimal usage of PDF for business documents as well as covering technical aspects of PDF. Business-oriented presentations will cover use cases like digital mailroom, input management, collaboration, and quality of documents where PDF is a solid foundation for new applications in the context of the Digital Transformation. Technical-oriented lectures will discuss the ISO PDF standards, accessibility, optimization, signatures, and security for PDF documents.

Attendees will benefit from a comprehensive overview of using PDF for documents in their organisation. Networking and discussions will allow to share best practices from multiple industries. Target audience for PDF Day France are persons which are responsible for input and document management in their companies as well as e.g. IT architects and product managers. Developers will benefit from the complete and deep PDF knowledge of the PDF experts.

The agenda and registration will be published soon.

Local contact: Elodie Tellier, e.tellier@orpalis.com

À vos agendas : PDF Day France, Toulouse, 4 avril 2019

Le PDF Day France est le premier événement en français de la PDF Association, organisé par notre membre ORPALIS.

Il aura lieu à Toulouse, patrie d’Airbus, que nous sommes très heureux d’accueillir pour cette journée, et qui nous présentera une étude de cas sur l’utilisation du format PDF dans leur environnement de gestion de documents.

PDF Day France aura lieu le jeudi 4 avril 2019 au Casino Barrière de Toulouse.
Plus qu’un casino, le Casino Barrière Toulouse est un véritable complexe festif et culturel, avec un théâtre de 1200 places, 3 bars et 3 restaurants.

Plusieurs experts et membres de l’association PDF présenteront l’utilisation optimale du PDF pour les documents commerciaux, ainsi que les aspects techniques du format.

Les présentations orientées métier couvriront des cas d’utilisation tels que la salle de courrier numérique, la gestion des entrées, l’aspect collaboratif et la qualité des documents. En effet, dans le contexte de la transformation numérique, le format PDF constitue une base solide pour toutes les nouvelles applications de gestion de documents.

Les conférences techniques traiteront des normes ISO PDF, de l’accessibilité, de l’optimisation, des signatures et de la sécurité des documents PDF.

Les participants bénéficieront d’un aperçu complet de l’utilisation du PDF pour leurs documents d’entreprise. Les discussions et le networking permettront de partager les bonnes pratiques dans plusieurs secteurs d’activité.

Le public cible de PDF Day France comprend les personnes responsables de la saisie et de la gestion de documents dans leur entreprise, mais aussi les architectes informatiques et les chefs produits.

Les développeurs bénéficieront des connaissances et de l’expérience des experts PDF.

Le programme et les informations relatives aux inscriptions seront bientôt publiés.

Contact local : Elodie Tellier, e.tellier@orpalis.com

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