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The PDF Association publishes a variety of documents and other resources to help developers, product managers, and others interested in leveraging PDF to meet their business and organizational objectives.

Most publications listed on pdfa.org are developed through our publications process, and are freely available to members and non-members alike.

PDF Association members may access drafts of current and upcoming ISO standards via the members-only intranet.


PDF in Manufacturing


Today, PDF is at the heart of manufacturing and engineering communications. PDF technology supports manufacturing worldwide, conveying ideas, plans, communications, contracts, specifications, contracts… and of course, 2D and 3D drawings …

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PDF/VT for Personalized Print (leaflet)

This leaflet provides an overview of what PDF/VT is and why it matters.


PDF/UA sessions at the PDF Technical Conference 2012

An afternoon of the Technical Conference 2012 in March 27-28, 2012 in Basel, Switzerland was dedicated to PDF/UA, tagged PDF and accessibility of PDF and PDF programs. All three presentations from the PDF/UA session were recorded. What does it feel …

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Introduction to PDF/A

On April 17, 2012, during the PDF/A Seminar in Oslo, Norway, David van Driessche provided an introduction to PDF/A. In just 50 minutes all the important information about the PDF/A standard, including conformance levels A, B and U as well …

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Isartor Test Suite

The Isartor Test Suite is named after the location of the first meeting of the Technical Working Group, a medieval gate towards the river Isar in the center of Munich/Germany. This test suite comprises a set of files which can …

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Digital preservation and nuclear disaster (animation)

“Team Digital Preservation” saves the world from nuclear disaster.

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The PDF/A family

What are the requirements, conformance levels and timelines associated with implementing PDF/A, the industry standard for archiving PDFs for long-term preservation? That was the topic assigned to Global Graphics’ CTO Martin Bailey, the UK’s primary expert on PDF/A for the …

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4th International PDF/A Conference Proceedings

Contents What you need to know about PDF/A and PDF/A-2 Legal Certainty Accessibility and Metadata Archives & Libraries Public Administration Business to Consumer The Portable Document Format – developed by Adobe Systems and first published in 1993 – offers a …


Introducción al PDF/A (Español)

El PDF/A es el PDF para el archivado a largo plazo. El PDF/A que fue aprobado a finales de 2005, es el primer formato de archivo que ya es un estándar ISO, garantiza que los documentos que se crean hoy, …


The PDF/A elevator pitch

The “PDF/A Elevator Pitch” gives a short introduction of PDF/A. http://youtu.be/fsBWB5DSwG4

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PDF/A kompakt

PDF/A is the PDF for the long-term archiving. PDF/A – adopted in late 2005 – is the first file format as an ISO standard guarantees that are now open documents created in the future and use. “PDF / A in …


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