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2013 Seattle PDF/A Day Program PDF Day events consist of a number of strictly educational (no product pitches allowed) presentations. 08:45 Welcome! (Duff Johnson and Leonard Rosenthol) Tracks Track A: Theory Track B: Practice 09:00 What PDF/A is and w …

PDF/UA in a Nutshell
Author: PDF Association

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ISO 14289-1, more commonly known as PDF/UA, was first published in the summer of 2012 as the first complete definition of a set of requirements for universally accessible PDF documents. Rather than applying to the PDF file format alone, these specifications also define compliant assistive technology and PDF reading software.

PDF/A in a Nutshell 2.0
Author: PDF Association

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PDF/A is an ISO standard for using the PDF format for long-term archiving of digital documents. Since its publication in 2005, PDF/A has become the format of choice for archiving digital documents in a wide range of industries and applications. “PDF/A …

Lose the paper, get right to the data
Author: Carsten Luedtge

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Even in large companies, the problem of how to strictly separate document creation from document delivery has not been satisfactory solved. Yet it’s a must for generating “intelligent” documents for every physical and digital channel. An appeal for output management as the central hub in customer communications.

Why preflight
Author: Isabel Raes

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Preflight PDF files to help you save time and costs, increase customer satisfaction by improving quality control, and allow you to hit deadlines and avoid reprints.

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The webinar is aimed at solution providers in the health care sector, such as NHS solutions vendors and users interested in health care. As an attendee, you will gain a good overview of PDF/A and can assess where PDF/A can provide advantages in your products and applications.

White-paper: digital signatures
Author: Bruno Lowagie

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What’s new in PDF 2.0 regarding digital signatures – whitepaper by Bruno Lowagie, CEO of the iText Software Group

White Paper: PDF/A and Healthcare
Author: Alexandra Oettler

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The White Paper “PDF/A in Health Care” explains PDF/A and shows the use of PDF/A in various fields. The paper also presents case studies and solutions respectiveliy products of our members.

PDF/VT for Personalized Print (leaflet)
Author: PDF Association

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This leaflet provides an overview of what PDF/VT is and why it matters.

Isartor Test Suite
Author: PDF Association

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The Isartor Test Suite is named after the location of the first meeting of the Technical Working Group, a medieval gate towards the river Isar in the center of Munich/Germany. This test suite comprises a set of files which can be used to check the conf …