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PDF/A (Flyer)
Author: PDF Association

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PDF/A is the ISO standard for archiving electronic documents using the PDF format. The first part, PDF/A-1, was published on October 1, 2005. The second and third parts, PDF/A-2 (2011) and PDF/A-3 (2012), enhance PDF/A with support for additional featu …

PDF/UA (Flyer)
Author: PDF Association

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PDF/UA is the common name for ISO 14289. An international standard approved in 2012, PDF/UA defines how to represent electronic documents in the PDF format in a manner that allows the file to be accessible. The standard identifies PDF components and properties relevant to this objective, and provides requirements and restrictions on the manner of their use.

ISO 14289 (PDF/UA)
Author: PDF Association

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The accessibility of an electronic document is dependent on the inclusion of a variety of semantic information such as (but not limited to) machine-recoverable text presented in a declared language, logical structure of content, and organization of tha …

PDF/UA Reference Suite
Author: PDF Association

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The PDF/UA Reference Suite is a resource for software developers and practitioners interested in best-practices for creating tagged and accessible PDF files

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In late 2014, over two days in Washington DC and New York City over 20 experts came together to offer high-level educational sessions on PDF technology. Links to each session recording are provided below: Introduction: What is PDF, who owns it and why …

The Matterhorn Protocol 1.02
Author: PDF Association

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To promote adoption of PDF/UA by software developers and document testers alike, the PDF Association’s PDF/UA Competence Center developed the Matterhorn Protocol, a list of all the possible ways to fail PDF/UA. Following the requirements of PDF/UA, the …

PDF/A-1 Technical Notes – Origins
Author: PDF Association

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Prior to development of the Isartor Test Suite, the PDF/A Competence Center Technical Working Group (TWG) led the way in development of best practices and other tools to support ISO standards for mainstream PDF technology. Between April, 2007 and March …

PDF/VT (Flyer)
Author: PDF Association

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In August 2010, following three years of global collaboration by industry leaders, the International Standards Organization published the specification for PDF/VT, a.k.a. ISO 16612-2. PDF/VT is built on the foundation of the PDF imaging model, widely r …

PDF Association flyers (English)
Author: PDF Association

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To download one of the flyers please click on the image of the flyer. Promoting ISO Standards for PDF Technology ISO 19005: A Series of Standards for Long-term Digital Archiving ISO 14289: The new standard for universally accessible PDF documents and f …

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September 1, 2013 – The Cal Poly Graphic Communications PDF/VT Test File Suite provides a collection of four sets of graphically-rich, robust, valid PDF/VT files for testing and demonstrating products claiming support of consumption of files conforming to the ISO 16612-2 PDF/VT standard. The test file suite is now available for download from the website of the PDF Association.