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The PDF 2.0 Application Note 002: Associated Files is the second PDF 2.0 Application Note to be published by the PDF Association. Associated Files (ISO 32000-2, 14.13) leverage the ubiquity of PDF to build on the commonplace concept of “attachments” in …

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Black point compensation is already widely used in production printing, especially in situations where the combination of the substrate, colourants (e.g. inks) and printing process cannot achieve a very high density for blacks. Turning on BPC will often increase the perceived quality of graphical elements such as natural photographic images because they may achieve a higher contrast and more ‘punch’.

PDF/VT Application Notes
Author: PDF Association

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The PDF/VT Application Notes discuss topics that aid implementers of PDF/VT workflow tools and demonstrate the various design features of the PDF/VT file format. The document was developed by the PDF/VT Competence Center of the PDF Association, in clos …