ReadyPDF® Prepress Server – PDF Cleanser & Optimizer

Produced by Solimar Systems Inc.

Designed for Highly Variable Production Output

ReadyPDF® Prepress Server™ is the latest product innovation of the Solimar® Chemistry™ platform. The ReadyPDF server ingests PDF files and generates optimized PDFs designed for specific target output destinations: cutsheet laser printers, high-speed continuous feed, wide format, specialty devices and e-delivery for email and archiving. The benefits of the ReadyPDF server include faster processing on DFEs (device front-end), better throughput on printers and smaller files requiring less storage for archive systems.

ReadyPDF Prepress Server caches duplicate resources and removes unnecessary resources in files. It can combine or replace fonts (including subsets), downsample image resolutions, tune colors such as RGB to CMYK and set ICC color profiles that enable files to be optimized for various output devices.

ReadyPDF Prepress Server generates templates to enable rapid setup and onboarding of new jobs. It is integrated into the Solimar Chemistry platform to support job tracking, batching, scheduling, and reporting, as well as a preference-based alert system which can watch workflows and devices across production facilities.

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