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PDF2Excel SDK enables system administrators and programmers to easily integrate powerful PDF to Excel conversion functionalities into server environments and applications:

  • Command Line Tool

The CLT enables users to easily automate PDF to Excel conversion tasks. Users have the ability to convert entire PDFs, specific page ranges, or even multiple PDFs at once to one of four supported output formats: XLSX, XLS, CSV, and ODS.

  • Shared Library

PDF2Excel is programming-language agnostic as it offers ways to integrate SDK into your projects using the native (C) or COM interfaces as well as .Net, Python, Java, C++, C proxy libraries.

  • Sample Files

Sample files can be used to build a sample application and experience how the PDF2Excel conversion engine performs. Sample files are examples of how to call and implement specific functionalities.

  • Conversion Templates

Users can use conversion templates to automate data extraction from recurring, similarly-formatted PDF files. They can also define various conversion options like extraction to a multi-worksheet Excel file, using European numbers standards for thousand and decimal delimiters, and more.

  • Batch PDF Conversion

PDF2Excel SDK provides means to convert multiple PDF documents at once with native support for batch conversions (sh, cmd, bash).

  • Cross-platform Compatibility

Windows, Linux, and macOS support.

Find out more about PDF2Excel SDK at https://www.investintech.com/products/developer/pdftoexcel/