iText pdf2Data

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iText pdf2Data is a solution to easily recognize and extract data from documents. It is available for Java and C# (.NET), and as a CLI version.

It offers a framework to intelligently recognize data inside PDF documents, based on selection rules that you define in a template. This offers significant advantages over AI-based alternatives which need extensive training to recognize documents.

And thanks to its intuitive web-based template creator, anyone, from marketers to information managers to HR staff, can create and update templates. You don't need to be a developer to benefit from using iText pdfData.

Using a WYSIWYG editor, you can create a template for similarly structured documents such as invoices from the same vendor, based on a sample document.  This template can be used with the pdf2Data SDK to quickly process similar documents at high volumes. pdf2Data is not included in the 30 Day FREE trial, you can demo pdf2Data here.

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