PDF Custom SDK

Produced by Visual Integrity

Visual Integrity’s Custom PDF SDK takes PDF development to a new level! Using it, you’ll have access to all of the PDF object data on the pages opening upĀ an array of new possibilities for preprocessing PDF in your application or service.

For example, use the PDF Custom SDK to manipulate PDF files by extracting or searching for objects on a page. The Custom API can also be used to add direct support for your own format without an taxing intermediate conversion step. In fact, for Open Design Alliance members, source code is included to create ODA OdDbDatabase in memory of a given PDF page.

Use the Custom PDF SDK to:

  • Create your own conversion engine
  • Import PDF object data directly, without a conversion step, into your application
  • Search for object geometry data and text objects
  • Extract images and text
  • Perform operations on objects
  • Examples included

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