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LuraTech Rendition Server

The LuraTech Rendition Server enables the construction of a powerful conversion infrastructure which can be addressed through a web service interface using a wide range of programs and environments.

Centralized conversion
The platform replaces countless decentralized PDF exporters and converters from a wide range of manufacturers which tend to produce highly variable PDF versions and quality levels. The LuraTech Rendition Server assumes PDF creation tasks for all IT systems and applications within a business. This makes it possible to easily and consistently implement compliance guidelines: results are trackable and reproducible.

Easy to integrate and expand
Web services bring LuraTech’s proven conversion technology to the farthest reaches of your business IT systems. In addition to the built-in converters, a .NET plugin interface lets you effortlessly integrate third-party converters or in-house software into the LuraTech process flow, allowing you to convert legacy formats and other file types into high-quality PDFs.

In use business-wide
The platform’s robust architecture means it can be easily scaled across multiple servers and offers a high degree of system stability. In addition, the Rendition Server is designed to handle unplanned peak loads. A practical web-based operations and maintenance management application and a REST web service management interface are available. Extensive logging processes and fine-grained audit trails enable detailed process evaluation.

A business should take a closer look at the subject of enterprise rendition if:
• A large number of different PDF tools are used across different applications and processes without any overall guiding principles, and results differ depending on the tool used.
• The PDF tools are complicated to use and time-consuming to maintain. In the worst cases, it may not be possible to maintain them at all.
• It is difficult or impossible to set up and maintain unified business standards such as PDF/A compliance, corporate identity, accessibility, compliance with the German Commercial Code for business documents, etc.
• Spontaneous peak loads need to be processed involving huge quantities of data from a wide range of business departments with varying service level agreements (SLAs).
• You have specialized PDF requirements such as ZUGFeRD, email archiving with attachments, etc.
• Additional third-party PDF format converters or in-house software need to be integrated.

Easy for all departments: Easy to use, runs without any issues.
Robust and stable: An intelligent failover system makes sure that failed sequences are still processed.
Scalability cubed: Process large volumes in the shortest possible time and handle peak loads appropriately.
Expandable beyond the standard: Our system’s interface is open, documented and generally available.
Controllable even for central IT management systems: All control commands and performance data are available through a specialist operations and maintenance web service interface.

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LuraTech Rendition Server
The LuraTech Rendition Server enables the construction of a powerful conversion infrastructure which can be addressed through a web service interface using a wide range of programs and environments.