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PDF/VT Seminar Offered by PDF/A Competence Center

The first seminar on PDF/VT in German will be held prior to the DMS EXPO

Berlin / Stuttgart, August 17, 2011

The PDF/A Competence Center is offering a seminar on PDF/VT, a new format relevant for output management. It will be conducted in German and offered the day before the DMS EXPO in Stuttgart.

On September 19, 2011, 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm in the ICS (room C5.1), the association will offer the first opportunity in the German-speaking region to learn all about the standard published in August 2010 as ISO 16612-2. The seminar will be held at the International Congress Center (ICS) in the Stuttgart exposition grounds.

The PDF/VT standard defines the use of PDF as an exchange standard optimized for variable data printing (VDP) and transaction printing. The “V” in PDF/VT stands for variable data printing and the “T” for transaction printing. Based on PDF/X-4, it is the first VDP format enabling modern ICC-based color management through the use of ICC Output Intents and native support of demanding graphic effects, such as shadows, vignettes and transparent objects. Even though PDF/VT is in the beginning stages of finding its way in specific output management projects, it is quickly growing in importance.

The presentations will illuminate technical and practical aspects of PDF/VT, and provide an introduction to the potential synergies with PDF/A archiving and barrier-free access with the PDF/UA standard coming in 2012. Top speakers like Dr. Werner Broermann, a consultant at Zöller & Partner, Olaf Drümmer, management board chairman of the PDF/A Competence Center and CEO of callas software and Ulrich Isermeyer of Adobe Systems are indicative of the high level of professional expertise.

The sessions will conclude with the panel discussion “Battle of the formats – does PDF/VT have what it takes to become the new universal format for output management?” Panel members such as Harald Grumser, CEO of Compart AG, Olaf Drümmer and moderator Dr. Werner Broermann promise stimulating and often controversial opinions.

The fee for seminar participation is 199 euros plus VAT. There is no charge for PDF/A Competence Center members. Registration is possible online at http://de.amiando.com/PDFvt.

About PDF/VT
The PDF/A Competence Center initially became interested in PDF/VT in 2010 and organized a Special Interest Group. The Chairman of that Working Group, Mark Lewiecki of Adobe Systems, and Stewart Rogers of Crawford Technologies, will provide a balanced consideration of both the production and processing benefits of PDF/VT.

About the PDF/A Competence Center
The PDF/A Competence Center was established as an international association in 2006 to promote understanding and implementation of PDF/A. In less than three years, more than 100 companies and individual experts from over 20 countries joined as dues-paying members. The objective of the association is to promote the exchange of information and experience in the field of long-term archiving in accordance with ISO 19005 (PDF/A). The management board is comprised of executives from callas software, Gmbh, Compart AG, Crawford Technologies Inc., intarsys consulting GmbH and LuraTech Europe GmbH. The executive chairman is Olaf Drümmer, Managing Director of callas software GmbH. Duff Johnson, former CEO of Appligent Document Solutions Inc. is the executive vice chairman.

First PDF/VT Seminar

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First PDF/VT Seminar

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