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Mission Statement: To promote Open Standards-based electronic document implementations using PDF technology through education, expertise and shared experience for stakeholders worldwide.
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Talking about electronic documents

We’ve done PDF Day events and technical conferences across Europe, in the US, in Australia, and elsewhere. This Electronic Document Conference is the first PDF Association event that’s open to all technologies pertaining to documents. It’s about explor …

Happy new logo!

2006: The PDF/A Competence Center A new year brings new things, and 2019 is no exception! The “four red blocks” logo was first created for the PDF/A Competence Center in 2006. When that organization became the PDF Association in 2011, the design was ad …

Save-The-Date: PDF Day France, Toulouse, April 4, 2019

PDF Day France will be the first French-speaking event of the PDF Association, organised by our member ORPALIS. It will take place in Toulouse which is the home ground of Airbus and we are very happy that Airbus will present a case study around its usage of PDF in their document management environment!

Electronic Document Conference: Call for Papers

Prospective presenters at the Electronic Document Conference 2019 are invited to submit high-quality original proposals for 25-minute presentations on subjects of interest to developers and technical product managers concerned with electronic document implementations.

Have we passed ‘peak PDF’?

How do we gain insight into how users’ views of documents are shifting? Google Trends is an increasingly interesting source of high-level marketplace data. By aggregating Google’s search data over time, reporting a term’s popularity as compared with all other searches.

PDF/A-3 brings new opportunities

The ability to embed any file format into a PDF/A-3 file makes use of PDF’s ‘container’ principle. This feature also has the potential to vastly improve the way we work with documents. For example, source files and their archivable versions can now be integrated into a single file.
Many new potential applications have also come to light in the past year, including e-invoicing and email archiving. It is now possible to combine the visual image of an invoice together with machine-readable data in a single file for exchange between supplier and customer.
This approach is defined by the Forum for Electronic Billing in Germany (FeRD e. V.) in its ZUGFeRD data model. Numerous PDF Association members offer solutions which businesses can use to create ZUGFeRD-compliant invoices. Email archiving is also proving to be an essential application for PDF/A-3. A single file can now contain a PDF/A version of the original email and its attachments, guaranteeing long-term readability, as well as the same attachments in their original format. The result is just one archive-ready object per email, with as many attachments as are required. For a list of all ZUGFeRD-compatible products offered by PDF Association members, please see https://www.pdfa.org/products/?cn=2102.

Michael Karbe, CEO, Actino Software GmbH, summarized the situation: “In the age of increasing demand for reliability, PDF – a standardized, open document format – proves to be a universal solution for email archiving and e-invoicing. Fixed visual reproduction, the ability to embed any other file format, extensive security functions and the use of the container principle to embed metadata and other file formats – these features allow us to design a wide range of user-friendly document processes.”

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