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Mission Statement: To promote Open Standards-based electronic document implementations using PDF technology through education, expertise and shared experience for stakeholders worldwide.
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The Power of the Page

It’s a question that vexes vendors of web-based solutions everywhere: why do people still insist on PDF files? And why does PDF’s mindshare keep going up? “PDF is such antediluvian technology!” they say. “It’s pre-web, are you kidding me? It’s so old-f …

PDF Association technical resources: an overview

PDF is PDF because files produced with one vendor’s software can be read using a different vendor’s software with no loss of fidelity. Interoperability is key to our industry. The PDF Association is a international membership organization dedicated to …

2022: The last year of paper for records-keeping

NARA (The National Archives and Records Administration) is the final depository for the long-term records generated by all other agencies of the U.S. Federal Government. The agency has a key role in preserving the cultural history of the republic as we …

PDF 2.0 examples now available

The PDF Association is proud to present the first PDF 2.0 example files made available to the public. Created and donated to the PDF Association by Datalogics, this initial set of PDF 2.0 examples were crafted by hand and intentionally made simple in construction to serve as teaching tools for learning PDF file structure and syntax.

PDF 2.0 interops help vendors

The PDF 2.0 interop workshops included many vendors with products for creating, editing and processing PDF files. They came together in Boston, Massachusetts for a couple of days to test their own software against 3rd party files.

PDF Technical Conference 2015 at Adobe headquarters to offer 360° view of ISO PDF standards

The PDF Technical Conference 2015 will be held in San José on the 19th and 20th of October, 2015. With over 40 presentations and podium discussions, conference attendees will benefit from intensive technical education on a wide range of high-profile subjects, including mobile and cloud applications. In addition, they will have the opportunity to discuss a range of complex questions with PDF experts and ISO committee members. The conference therefore offers an excellent platform for developers and technical product managers to gain a thorough, in-depth understanding of the PDF format, its capabilities and ISO-standardized subsets such as PDF/A, PDF/UA, PDF/E, PDF/X and PDF/VT. The event is hosted by the PDF Association, the non-profit international industry trade association promoting open standards-based PDF applications for digital documents.

Duff Johnson, Executive Director of the PDF Association, said: “PDF is undoubtedly the world’s most popular final format for documents and document exchange. Our Technical Conference is an outstanding opportunity for developers to gain a more detailed understanding of PDF technology and ISO standards for PDF.”

The conference will consist of three parallel tracks, allowing participants to assemble a personalized agenda to suit their existing knowledge and areas of personal interest.

The first day covers the core data structures and features of the PDF format. The PDF Foundations track will include an introduction to several PDF subset standards and subjects such as metadata and color management. The PDF Technology track will present new findings from PDF’s use in practice. Among other things, this will include the use of fonts and encoding in PDFs, the use of RESTful APIs to process PDF forms, and programming PDF files using web technologies and command lines. The PDF’s Future track, meanwhile, will cover subjects such as validation, tagging page content and PDF on mobile platforms. Developers will learn why they should care about definitive PDF/A validation, how to tag page content, and what considerations to take into account when using PDF forms on mobile platforms.

The second day also includes three tracks: “PDF Best Practice”, “PDF Solutions” and “PDF’s Future”. The first track will offer examples of how businesses can further optimize their usage of PDF. The agenda includes subjects such as repairing and compressing PDF files, quality control in PDF generation and validation, and the integration of web services and command lines. The “PDF Solutions” track looks at specific application scenarios, with experts discussing the ZUGFeRD data model for e-invoicing, converting PDF to HTML, the implementation of PDF/A-3 solutions, repairing and optimizing PDF files, automating the creation of PDF/UA documents, and much more besides. Finally, the “PDF’s Future” track will show participants how PDF interacts with the Open Web Platform, how to integrate PDF documents into HTML5 websites across devices, and new opportunities for optimizing document-based processes and using PDFs on mobile platforms.

As well as these presentations, both days will include podium discussions on the subjects, “PDF as a Platform – the Challenge and the Prize”, “Who’s afraid of the XML Forms Architecture (XFA)?”, and “PDF 2.0 and the Future of PDF”. In addition, participants will have a wide range of opportunities to meet with the experts and ask their own questions.

Attendance at the conference costs $95 for PDF Association members and $195 for non-members. For further information, and information on how to register, visit https://www.pdfa.org/event/pdf-technical-conference-2015/

About the PDF Association First established as the PDF/A Competence Center in 2006, today, the PDF Association is an international organization promoting awareness and adoption of open standards in digital document applications using PDF technology.

The association facilitates education, networking and communication, and the sharing of expertise and experience with interested parties worldwide. The current membership includes over 100 enterprises and numerous individual subject-matter experts from more than 20 countries.

The management board includes industry leaders from Adlib Information Systems Inc., Adobe Systems Inc., callas software GmbH, Datalogics Inc., DocuSign Inc., intarsys consulting GmbH, levigo solutions GmbH, LuraTech Europe GmbH, Nitro Software Inc. and Satz-Rechen-Zentrum (SRZ). The association’s chairman is Olaf Drümmer, CEO of callas software GmbH. Peter Duff, President and CEO of Adlib Software, is the association’s vice-chairman.

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