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Technical Days sessions

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Sept. 27
Create PDFs using HTML
How to use HTML to generated PDF documents
Document management Creation

Francois Fernandes
Digital Frontiers GmbH & Co. KG

Generating documents can be challenging. There are many tools, different platforms and markup languages. Especially these markup languages like XSL:FO or similar, do have a … read more
Deriving HTML from PDF – lessons learned
Implementation challenges in reusing PDF content
Reuse PDF 2.0

Roman Toda
Roman Toda

Two years after introducing Deriving HTML from PDF document, two years after implementing the core concept, after processing countless authored and un-authored pdf files we … read more
Sept. 28
Matthias Valvekens
Matthias Valvekens
iText Group NV

The relationship between cryptography and PDF is one with a long history. PDF’s cryptography-related features have been through a number of significant revisions over the … read more
The Arlington PDF Model
A specification-derived, machine-readable definition of PDF
PDF 2.0

Peter Wyatt
Peter Wyatt
PDF Association

This talk will present the Arlington PDF Model as the first open access, vendor-neutral, comprehensive, specification-derived machine-readable definition of all formally defined PDF objects and … read more
Sept. 29
Making sense of PDF structures in the wild at scale
Building a file observatory to support secure parser development
Security Document management

Tim Allison
Tim Allison
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

PDFs in the wild offer a bewildering amount of variation in syntax, features and structure.  For those building parsers or evaluating parsers, it is critical … read more
Two Standards. One Goal. Modernizing Print Communication Production
PDF+JDF=ADF! Explore the possibilities when you modernize with automation, PDF features and JDF/JMF connections
Print Document management PDF 2.0

Mary Ann Rowan
Solimar Systems Inc.

The term Automated Document Factory (ADF) might sound familiar, especially if you have worked in or around print over the last three decades. For the … read more
Sept. 30
PDF/R revisions and new, highly compressed image format
What is new and how can it benefit you?
PDF 2.0

Rene Rebe
TWAIN Working Group

This presentation will outline the current development of PDF/R and the state of  research for adding new, highly efficient image codes to future PDF versions … read more
The Low Code Revolution and PDF
What does it mean for PDF Developers and PDF Technology Companies?
Document management

Neil Pitman
Aquaforest Limited

Ever-increasing demand for productivity and faster time to delivery is increasing awareness and adoption of Low-Code application development by IT teams and “Citizen IT”. This … read more
Oct. 4
PDF/A Conversion and Validation Challenges
This presentation will discuss some of the challenges in PDF to PDF/A conversion and PDF/A validation and how to overcome them.

We will examine how specific problems are handled in these (not so) similar processes. Sometimes PDF/A validation can be more complex than PDF/A conversion, and … read more
Archiving email – as PDF?
The current state of discussions and developments in the field of interoperable email archival

Dietrich von Seggern
Dietrich von Seggern
callas software GmbH

Digital archives have to preserve not only the data formats, they also have to make sure that proper viewer technology is available in the future. For … read more
Oct. 5
Survey of open source PDF solutions
Rendering, creation, and manipulation

Michael Vrhel
Michael Vrhel
Artifex Software Inc

The presentation will first provide an overview of the current active open-source projects that deal with PDF rendering, creation, and manipulation. We will be looking … read more
3DPDFs + the future
format usage + collaboration
Engineering / 3D

Since the entry of 3D to the PDF specification, usage has been dominated by the AEC industry. Today, the way we use, interpret and digest … read more
Oct. 6
STOP PRESS! Or how to avoid it!
How do you streamline problem PDFs into the print workflow

David Stevenson
Global Graphics

What would your print customer say if you rejected any PDF files that were poorly constructed and likely to slow down the press? With such … read more
SafeDocs – towards a more secure future
Securing file formats through provable techniques

Peter Wyatt
Peter Wyatt
PDF Association

This talk will present industry-relevant outcomes from the DARPA-funded “SafeDocs” research program, as well as reviewing future directions. This research is aimed at reducing the … read more
Oct. 7
What makes a tagged PDF a proper tagged PDF/UA document?
Let us show you how the Matterhorn Protocol helps to generate a PDF/UA compliant document, learn about the most essential tasks and to which difficulties you have to pay attention to.

Rene Treuber
Rene Treuber
axaio software GmbH

Tagged, accessible PDF documents are already part of the standard requirements of many companies – partly due to legal obligations, but increasingly also under a … read more
Lessons from implementing a PDF/UA-centric mobile reader
What we've learned while making a better mobile experience

Matt Kuznicki

What does it mean for a mobile PDF reader to focus on accessibility? How does a PDF presentation optimized for accessibility differ from a strictly … read more
Oct. 12
WCAG or PDF/UA: what’s the difference
Gap analysis and challenges in validation

Boris Doubrov
Boris Doubrov
Dual Lab sprl

At the moment WCAG validation is a legal requirement, while PDF/UA is not (unfortunately). In this talk we make an attempt to perform a gap … read more

Klaas Posselt

More and more PDFs need to be accessible and so PDF/UA compliant. Today it is technically possible to generate such files of of many tools … read more
Oct. 13
OpenType color fonts in PDF
Implementing emoji and other colored symbols in PDF
Print PDF 2.0

Thomas Merz
Thomas Merz
PDFlib GmbH

We are used to setting text in color, but for decades operating systems and font formats supported only monochrome fonts where the font specifies only … read more
Content accessibility for all screen sizes
The evolution of content and how we consume it

With mobile claiming more than 50% of total internet usage for the past 5 years, the way we interact and manipulate content must continue to … read more
Oct. 14

Michael Demey
iText Group NV

As we all know, PDF files are a structural marvel. There are many ways of constructing a file while still maintaining the same visual result. … read more
How to make e-Signing interoperable
Getting rid of proprietary data and closed workflows
Digital signatures

Carsten Heiermann
Carsten Heiermann
Foxit Corporation

This presentations sorts out digital signatures and e-Signing and describes the current status of e-Signing, with its non-interoperable, cloud based workflows. Can PDF turn e-Signing … read more
Oct. 18
Content Authenticity and PDF
Support of PDF as part of the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity
Security Creation Archiving

Come learn about new standards from the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA) and how this impacts PDF and the future of content. read more
Validating digital signatures in PDF
About user experiences and pitfalls
Digital signatures

Photo of Dr. Bernd Wild
Bernd Wild
intarsys GmbH

Digital signatures and PDF are an increasingly popular combination for digitizing paper-based business processes. While the focus of most signature products and solutions is on … read more

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