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Mission Statement: To promote Open Standards-based electronic document implementations using PDF technology through education, expertise and shared experience for stakeholders worldwide.
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Post-Conference of PDF Days Europe 2018

On Wednesday, May 16, 2018, directly following PDF Days Europe, the PDF Days Post-Conference offers a variety of workshops on PDF 2.0 Interop or PDF/UA.

Hotel Recommendations and Sightseeing Tips for PDF Days Europe 2018 in Berlin

You will visit the No. 1 PDF event – the PDF Days Europe 2018 in Berlin? Great! Here are some hotel recommendations and sightseeing tips near the event location (SI Hotel).

A double anniversary for PDF Days Europe 2018

Richard Cohn, Principal Scientist at Adobe, one of the two co-authors of the original PDF specification in the era of Acrobat 1.0 gives the keynote on 25 years of PDF during the PDF Europe 2018.

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PDF Days Europe 2018 – schedule of sessions

Excited for PDF Days Europe 2018? So are we! Register now!

Monday, May 14, 2018
10:00 WELCOME: Matt Kuznicki, Thomas Zellmann, PDF Association
KEYNOTE INTRODUCTION: Stephan Jaeggi, PrePress-Consulting
10:30 KEYNOTE: 25 Years of PDF
Richard Cohn, Adobe Systems, co-author of PDF 1.0
11:15 Coffee break and networking
Tracks PDF for users
Moderation: Thomas Zellmann
PDF for developers
Moderation: Boris Doubrov & Dietrich von Seggern
PDF for marketers
Duff Johnson
11:45 Ersetzendes Scannen nach TR Resiscan
Standard in der öffentlichen Verwaltung
Hans-Joachim Hübner, SRZ
Tagged PDF 2.0
What PDF 2.0 tagging brings in the context of format interchange and repurposing?
Roman Toda, Normex /
Yulian Gaponenko, Dual Lab
PDF’s ISO-standardizied subsets: a tour
Background, key features and utilization of ISO standards for PDF technology
Dietrich von Seggern, callas software
12:30 Lunch and networking
13:30 Studie PDF-Barrierefreiheit 2018
Ergebnisse des PDF/UA-Monitoring bei Deutschen Bundesministerien | Ausgabe 3
Markus Erle, axes4
PDF 2.0 Updates to rendering and color processing
Differences between ISO 32000-1 and ISO 32000-2
Vel Genov, Datalogics
PDF statistics
The electronic document galaxy
Duff Johnson, PDF Association
14:15 PDF/UA in der Office-Welt
Barrierefreie PDF mit Bordmitteln – Möglichkeiten und Grenzen
Dirk Frölich, PC & EDV Support
Encryption with PDF 2.0
Changes and powerful, lesser-known options beyond standard passwords
Roman Toda, Normex
veraPDF after PREFORMA
Real world adoption and industry needs for more PDF standards
Boris Doubrov, veraPDF Consortium
15:00 Coffee break and networking
15:30 Creating more accessible documents from scans
Demonstration and discussion of augmenting scanned documents through automated PDF tagging
Armin Ortmann, Foxit Europe
Text and fonts in PDF
What has PDF 2.0 (not) changed for font encoding?
Dietrich von Seggern, callas software
Developing PDF
What’s happening in the next generation of PDF
Mathew Hardy, Adobe Systems
16:15 PDF/UA for design agencies
Mastering daily challenges of design driven documents
Klaas Posselt, digital Prepress & ePublishing Consulting
Structure recognition for information retrieval and layout
Mining for structure in a reliable, scalable way
Joris Schellekens, iText Software
Skyom user presentation (invited)
17:00 Review of the day and summary of what we learned today (for all attendees)
Evening event


Tuesday, May 15, 2018
9:00 KEYNOTE: Beyond the page: my story with PDF 2.0
Duff Johnson, PDF Association
9:45 5 minutes with a PDF solution
PDF vendors show off their products in a race against the clock!
10:30 Coffee break and networking
Tracks PDF for users
Moderation: Thomas Zellmann
PDF for developers
Moderation: Boris Doubrov & Dietrich von Seggern
PDF for marketers
Moderation: Duff Johnson
11:00 GDPR and PDF – Are you ready?
An overview of GDPR compliance requirements highlighting PDF-specific considerations including identification of personal data in PDFs, exporting, security and redaction
Neil Pitman, Aquaforest
Can computers understand PDF documents as humans, or better?
What recent AI developments bring to our community and how to take advantage of them
Alexey Subach, Dual Lab
PDF interoperbility concerns
Some things are less portable than others
Vel Genov, Datalogics
11:45 Redaction in electronic documents
How I learned stop worrying and love PDF
Kevin Willems, iText Software
Advances in PDF semantics and content transformation
PDF content extraction today and tomorrow
Matt Kuznicki, Datalogics
PANEL: Driving interoperability
Broadening support for full-function PDF
Moderated by Duff Johnson, PDF Association
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Introducing ISO standards for PDF “processing steps” and “print product metadata”
New opportunities for managing print output
René Treuber, axaio software
eIDAS-compliant signing of PDF
Technical implications of eIDAS conformance in PDF processing
Dr. Bernd Wild, intarsys
Membership has its privileges
How software developers, non-profits and government agencies use the PDF Association
Duff Johnson and Matthias Wagner,
PDF Association
14:15 Implementing PDF/A-based eIDAS trust services
Dr. Bernd Wild, intarsys
Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology for documents
How blockchain made me love everything I hate about digital signatures
Joris Schellekens, iText Software
PANEL: Members’ question-time
Moderated by Matt Kuznicki, PDF Association
15:00 Coffee break and networking
15:30 Choosing a PDF conversion server for Schindler Elevators
Sebastian Schütze
PDF & Open Data
PDF Beyond final form visual content
Dov Isaacs, Adobe Systems
PANEL: Five visions of a PDF future
Five experts present their ideas for the next 25 years of PDF
Moderated by Duff Johnson, PDF Association
16:15 Closing session
Matt Kuznicki and Thomas Zellmann, PDF Association
17:00 Member meeting

The Post-Conference offers all-day sessions; all at the same location!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018 – Post-Conference Workshops
9:30 – 17:00
PDF 2.0 Interop Workshop
Contact: Duff Johnson
PDF 2.0 Interop Workshops are intended to help achieve industry-wide consensus on the meaning and application of PDF technology standards.Intended for software developers, this Workshop offers a unique opportunity to test implementations and exchange test-files in a vendor-neutral space.
9:00 – 17:00
PDF Accessibility Best Practices 2018

Lernen von den Besten: Use Cases, Werkzeuge, Trends und Praxistipps rund um das effiziente Erstellen barrierefreier PDF-Dokumente
9:30 – 17:00
Barrierefreiheit für designlastige Publikationen – mit InDesign & MadeToTag
axaio software
In diesem Mitmach-Tagesworkshop lernen Sie, wie Sie zielführend beim Erstellen von barrierefreien PDFs aus Adobe InDesign vorgehen.
9:00 – 17:00
Mobile (Planned)

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