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Mission Statement: To promote Open Standards-based electronic document implementations using PDF technology through education, expertise and shared experience for stakeholders worldwide.
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PDF Day program for December 11 in New York City

PDF Day is 18 short, fast-paced educational sessions designed to convey non-commercial information meeting the interests and concerns of IT executives. Download the program as a PDF/UA and PDF/A-conforming document, or see the table below.

Educational session videos and “4 minutes with a PDF vendor” videos are now posted on YouTube.

More information about the event is available at www.pdfa.org/nyc.

Monday, October 19, 2015 – The Page

09:00Welcome and Introduction
Duff Johnson and Leonard Rosenthol
09:10Keynote address: Jon Callas, Co-founder and CTO, Silent Circle
09:50Coffee break
PDF FoundationsPDF TechnologyPDF's Future
10:10Intro to PDF
Leonard Rosenthol, Adobe Systems
Understanding fonts and encodings
François Fernandes , Levigo
Intro to EPUB (for PDF developers)
Bill McCoy, IDPF
11:00Intro to PDF/A
François Fernandes, Levigo
Using a RESTful API to Process PDF Forms
Brandon Haugen, Datalogics (s)
Tools that Drive the Digital Business
Mike Kadell, ActivePDF (s)
11:50A word from...
In under 5 minutes apiece, sponsors summarize their areas of expertise.
13:20Intro to PDF/UA
Matthew Hardy, Adobe Systems
Programming PDF using web technologies and command line
David van Driessche, Four Pees & Dietrich von Seggern / callas software (s)
Understanding PDF at Web Scale
Tiho Bajic, Nitro (s)
14:10PDF as a Platform - the Challenge and the Prize
Panel discussion
Moderated by Rick Treitman
Entrepreneur in Residence, Adobe Systems
15:00An Introduction to Color in PDF
Patrick Gallot, Datalogics
Introducing PDFNetJS: the first complete PDF toolkit for the browser
Ivan Nincic, PDFTron (s)
Tagging page content
Matthew Hardy, Adobe Systems
15:40Coffee break
15:55XMP: Making Metadata Connect with your Documents
Aaron Schnarr, ActivePDF
Transforming PDF into HTML
Matt Kuznicki, Datalogics (s)
Automating quality control in PDF generation and validation
Boris Doubrov, Dual Lab (s)
16.45PDF Association annual member meeting
It's short! Non-members are welcome to attend!
17:00Refreshments and networking
18:30End of the day

* – Panelists include:

Program Committee

The following contributed their own time and that of their respective companies to developing and organizing PDF Day.

  • Sean Zinsmeister, Nitro | Senior Marketing Manager
  • Duff Johnson, PDF Association | Executive Director
  • Ivan Nincic, PDFTron | CTO
  • Matthew Kuznicki, Datalogics | CTO*
  • Peter Duff, Adlib Software | CEO*

* – A member of the PDF Association’s Board of Directors

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