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PDF on GAAD: because it’s the content you keep

Tagged PDF is becoming increasingly common. On #GAAD 2022, PDF/UA’s ISO Project Leader takes stock of the progress and highlights what remains.

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Let’s talk about the best-of-breed prepress solutions used by ABT…

The ABT Mediengruppe relies on automation to maintain productivity, including in the prepress area. Instead of relying on an all-in-one solution for all prepress tasks, ABT Mediengruppe has combined several products into one holistic solution.

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DataProse Stays Ahead of Customer Demand with Solimar Solutions

DataProse leverages Solimar Systems’ solutions, like ReadyPDF PDF Optimization, to accelerate their internal workflow and external customer document access.

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Compart and Engenius enter into partnership in Swiss CCM market

The component-based architecture of DocBridge® Suite is seeing increasing use in complex CCM projects.

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UPDF Released Mac Version Overwhelming the Odds – How a free PDF software ensure your favor for a work tool

UPDF by Superace Software is released on Mac App Store on May, 04, 2022. It is a unique, productive, free PDF editor across all platforms on desktop and mobile devices. It enables text and image editing in PDF for free!

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Updating PDF-related MIME types

The PDF Association has updated IANA’s MIME media types registry for FDF, XFDF, PRC and U3D.

application/fdf, application/xfdf, application/pdf, model/prc, model/u3d, model/step

Solimar Systems Partners with FUJIFILM Business Innovation Asia Pacific to Deliver IPDS and PDF Workflow Solutions

Solimar Systems, Inc., announces FUJIFILM Business Innovation Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. as a new partner in the Asia Pacific region. The collaboration of these two industry leaders further demonstrates Solimar Systems’ commitment to facilitating optimized, efficient print and digital production …

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The route to PDF/X and where we are now: a personal history

Martin Bailey reflects on the history of PDF/X and its impact on production printing and the exchange of documents in PDF workflows.

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PSPDFKit Announces Record First Quarter 2022 Results

PSPDFKit reported record bookings for Q1 2022. The bookings growth in the first quarter of 2022 was primarily driven by new customers, representing an organic year-over-year (YoY) growth of 75 percent.

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callas software releases pdfToolbox 13.1

callas software releases a first update for pdfToolbox 13 which responds to the release of the 2022 specifications by the Ghent Workgroup (GWG) and introduces various small but interesting new features.

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