Understanding UTF-8 in PDF 2.0

PDF Association’s CTO, Peter Wyatt discusses text strings in PDF.



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callas software releases pdfaPilot 11

callas software today released a major update for its pdfaPilot product line which builds on various new improvements.

app library

Universal Accessibility – Barrier-free Communication Is More than Inclusion

In fact, it’s about up-valuing content and documents to intelligent information media. In the final analysis, data is the raw material of any digital transformation – including and especially in document and output management.

Assistive technology street markers

South Dakota Marketing and Print Shop Brings The Perfect Blend to Clients

Starting as a commercial printing company, Borns Group has continued to expand its capabilities, product offerings, services, and reach through strategic technology acquisitions and modernizing processes that include standardizing on PDF and selecting a PDF-centric print workflow platform from Solimar …

Lee Borns - watch video

New release of our PDF library: iText 7 Suite 7.2.1

iText 7.2.1 is the latest release of your favorite PDF library for Java and .NET, and the first scheduled maintenance release for iText 7.2. We are very excited to announce that pdfOffice, our add-on for high-quality native conversion of MS …

New release iText 7 Suite 7.2.1

2021 in PDF, and what’s coming in 2022

This summary recalls developments in 2021 and looks forward to PDF Association activities in 2022.

PDF Association Take One 2022

PDF + JDF Makes Printing Better! Is it Actually True?

Does PDF and JDF/JMF make the processes and operations around print production better? To answer this, Pat and Drew will take a look at the theory behind combining the ISO standards of PDF and JDF while leveraging the information provided …

ThyssenKrupp: Document Automation with DocBridge® solution

In 2015, when thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG brought output management back in-house, it represented a basic structural change. Instead of a traditional print shop, a company-wide Competence Center for Print and Digital Media was created, laying the foundation for multi-channel …

Feature Support adds a 3D PDF showcase

The PDF Association now hosts 3D PDF demonstration files provided by PDF Association members.

3D model rendering

How does this customer process 50 percent more print data with callas pdfToolbox?

Procedes, a service provider for large format digital prints, textile architecture and aluminum construction, was able to automate its prepress area to a high degree with the support of Impressed and callas software.

close up of ink jet printing large size image set in a large warehouse room

Solimar Systems Releases New Security Features and Advanced Mailing Capabilities in SOLitrack 2.5 and SOLsearcher Enterprise 4.0

A significant enhancement featured in these latest versions is the ability to track individual mailpieces to delivery via USPS. The latest versions also support OpenID® Connect™ and secure Single Sign-On (SSO) for integration with third-party authentication services.

Solitrack and Solsearcher logos