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Google has announced that PDF export functionality will be part of its soon-to-be-released analytics interface. John Rampton at Search Engine Watch reports that other new features will include email scheduling and mobile ad performance metrics in Google Analytics. The new features are expected to roll out over the next couple weeks.

Swiss «Access for all» fundraising campaign already collected almost 50% of the amount needed to develop a PDF/UA enabled version 2.0 of the free PAC PDF Accessibility Checker tool.

Fear of change is the biggest hurdle for organizations wanting to move from their current electronic archiving format to PDF/A because the believe that it may be difficult to implement and expensive, and not worth the effort to migrate their archives. “There are many upsides to implementing PDF/A,” writes Gary Hodkinson, Managing Director of LuraTech Ltd., in an article on SourcingFocus.com. “Current archiving systems that are based on black-and-white TIFF or basic PDF file formats are not necessarily protected from inaccessibility over the long term. In addition, these formats can result in files that are very large, making it incredibly costly to store documents, particularly those that are scanned in full-colour, and increase bandwidth costs for sharing the files.” Read the full article for more information on why migration is worth the effort.

From its advantages of offering multiple layers for both presentation and data to secure processes and more, PDF is perfect for eBilling and eInvoicing. According to a post by Michael Wright, “The proof is in the adoption statistics – ‘push’ email billing solutions produce double or triple the adoption of paperless processes when compared to web portals.” He offers 5 reasons why PDF e-invoices are a great starting point for both the massive adoption of e-invoicing and a transition to more efficient forms.

New Trojan Masquerades as PDF
November 15, 2011

Once again there is a Trojan, software that pretends to be something else that installs a backdoor into a computer system, masquerading as a PDF file. This one poses as a message from the United States Postal Service (USPS), according to Sunbelt/GFI Labs. The company warns that “once downloaded onto a system, there are “a lot of potential actions this malware might do, like downloading other binaries/components onto the infected system, updating a copy of itself, posting information to these sites, or waiting for commands from its controller. As of this writing, the file does not download other binaries or additional component files.”

If you would like to convert existing PDF documents to a PDF/A-1b compliant PDF documents, TallComponents is offering sample code on its website to help with the conversion.

Ohio State University’s Web Accessibility Center offers a webinar with tips for creating accessible PDF presentations from PowerPoint files. Ken Petri guides users through authoring content in PowerPoint so that those with vision and other disabilities are able to easily review presentations. His best practices will help ensure that PowerPoint presentations converted to PDF documents will be usable by everyone.

Safari 5.1.2 seed for developers will correct inline PDF issues common to Mac and Windows PC users. Techno Buffalo’s Killian Bell says Apple is asking developers to test the latest beta release and report any remaining bugs so that they can be fixed before the software’s public release. “Safari 5.1.2 fixes issues where PDFs in frames were not displayed in the browser,” he says. “Please test this build with websites that display PDF documents inline such as banks and document management systems. Please also test saving and using context menus with PDFs in frames.”

PDF Association member Gary Hodkinson offers a very thorough overview of digital document archiving, including storage, durability, software, file formats, conversion, benefits and more. He examines the benefits of PDF/A to law firms and its use by the U.S. Courts, but notes some overall archiving concerns as well.

Tips to Edit PDF/A Documents
November 10, 2011

It is possible to edit PDF/A documents by following a few steps; the US Courts have provided a few tips in furtherance of their move to requiring PDF/A for electronically submitted documents. They offer step-by-step guidance, including how to remove PDF/A and disabling PDF/A viewing mode.