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Amazon has added a PDF reader to the Kindle application for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch that will “open PDFs from within Mail or Safari on the device, or PDFs transferred via iTunes,” says Ars Technica. “The PDF reader is enhanced with support for PDF table of contents and thumbnail navigation for quickly jumping through the document.”

More and more healthcare professionals are using tablets every day to access medical records and other information–and the most popular so far is the iPad. iMedical Apps takes a good look at PDF management applications available for the iPad (iBooks, GoodReader, PDF Expert, PDF Reader Pro, Sente, Papers, iAnnotate, Dropbox) and assesses functionality and ease of use. The review is focused primarily on ease of importing and exporting PDFs, the ability to annotate PDFs using a range of actions, to manage a medical literature library, and to read multiple file types.

The new PDF reader by ReadCube allows PDFs to be better organized, more searchable and offers the ability to annotate. In a single step, ReadCube allows you to create an article library that is full-text searchable, including highlights and sticky notes. And it simplifies researching by automatically recommending relevant articles every day.

A blogger at Tech Handbook is calling PDF “A better way to go.” He outlines the numerous benefits of PDF, including preserving document format and ensuring it can be opened by any user regardless of operating system or software, for his user-based audience. We, of course, know the advantages of PDF, but it’s nice to see users spreading the word as well.

For at least the third time this year, poor redaction practices have leaked sensitive information to the public. Apple see itself as the latest victim, this time because a California judge improperly redacted files in Apple’s copyright infringement lawsuit with Samsung. According to Atlantic Wire’s Adam Clark Estes, “U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh … attempted to redact nearly two dozen sentences or short fragments. But because of a formatting characteristic in the prior electronic version, the redacted material can be viewed by copying text from the PDF and pasting it into another document.”

PDF Week Begins
December 5, 2011

PDF Week, the twice yearly meeting in which members of several PDF ISO committees determine the future of the standards, begins today. PDF, PDF/A, PDF/UA, PDF/E are all on the agenda and more news will be coming soon.

PDF Format Better Than HTML
December 5, 2011

When it comes to documentation and user’s guides, nothing beats the ease of PDF. As more and more companies take the cost-cutting measure of no longer offering paper manuals, the decision of alternative formats becomes quite important. Even non-savvy users can easily locate a PDF and print the entire document or select pages without frustration, unlike similar materials in HTML. The Ledger’s Lonnie Brown takes a look at this issue when a friend’s printer manufacturer fails to offer PDFs of documentation.

Mac and PC users utilizing the Safari web browser can now view PDFs within web content thanks to a patch issued by Apple on Tuesday. The fix also addresses bugs including some relating to memory usage and overall stability.

UK-based Visual Technology Services says it has received a patent for its PDF3D Compression Technology called “Triangle Mesh Compression”.The GB2477368 patent covers “proprietary methods used to compress large terrain grids, typical of digital elevation maps, bathymetric survey data, in a 3D triangle mesh surface packaged within a standard PDF file, such that the resulting document is up to 60% smaller and more efficient to communicate, while enabling the recipient to open and review the 3D model with rotation, pan, zoom, location probe, fly-through interaction.”

Digital Printing: Then and Now
November 29, 2011

Global Graphics offers a good historical overview of digital printing and its relations to PDF/VT. The company highlights PDF as a strong option for variable data print because of the broad base of tools to manipulate PDF files, as well as its ability to handle different forms of transparency in VDP jobs, “as many older solutions cannot be efficiently extended to support all variations of PDF element blending.” Global Graphics notes that PDF/VT is designed to help make both creation and consumption of PDF-based variable data print jobs as efficient as possible. Would you like to learn more about the beginnings of digital printing or how PDF/VT can help you?