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This free educational webinar series celebrates PDF technology capabilities and solutions. OctoberPDFest highlights the latest developments, visions of the future and many other subjects. Check …



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Fast Business: “10 things you need to know about PDF”

It’s all about the strategic perspective on PDF.

PDFmdx – new Version available

With reference to the content and conditions, documents can be identified, shared and metadata are read out. The documents can be reassembled based on criteria. Stationery can underlaid content controlled. The documents can be printed or sent via email.

PDF Day Australia featured in Technology Decisions

The website Technology Decisions wrote: For the first time, PDF Day will be held in Australia during November. The event is designed to assist CIOs, document management experts and electronic content policymakers understand ISO-standardised PDF technology. In particular, there will …

veraPDF 0.26: new PDF parser, new batch processor

veraPDF version 0.26 includes the first beta release of the new purpose-built PDF parser. This release can be used alongside the PDFBox parser to compare results. In addition, a new batch processor and updated reporting engine have been included.

Improved render quality in the healthcare industry with the 3-Heights™ PDF to Image Converter

The modern image and diagnostic report management system JiveX was developed by VISUS for all fields of medicine. It has evolved from a picture archiving and communication system for radiological images into a medical archive for all clinically relevant documents …

This PDF – what is it for? A story from PDF’s early days

Postscript took off like a rocket, but PDF took its time. Many people wondered “What’s it for?” In this video, Professor Brailsford recounts his 1996 experience with one such person – a US immigration officer…

IDM asks: “will you be ready for PDF 2.0”?

ISO 32000 Project co-Leader and PDF Association member Peter Wyatt talks PDF 2.0 and the upcoming PDF Day Australia conference on November 25 in Sydney.

veraPDF: have your say

Have you used veraPDF? Let the project’s funder know your views!

PDF and the User Experience Survey conducted by Karlen Communications

This survey was designed for people with disabilities using adaptive technology. Every attempt has been made to ensure that the survey is accessible. It has been tested by people who use adaptive technology. There is an e-mail link at the …

PDFX-ready Online Tools released

PDFX-ready in Switzerland has annonced the immediate availability of the PDFX-ready Online Tools. This is a new innovative service for the members of PDFX-ready and also (in a limited version) for non-members.

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