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Best Practice in Creating Print Files for Variable Data Printing (VDP) now published

The PDF Association publishes new guidance to aide in optimizing PDF files for maximally-efficient rendering and print.



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New Way to Convert PDF to Word with High-Quality Graphics: Key is Knowing PDF Type

Transfer graphics as vector formats for editability and crystal-clear display at any size. Use this two-step process to convert PDF to Word for the highest-quality results.

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Interview with Roman Toda, CTO at Normex, about PDF Days Online 2021

Roman’s PDF Days Online presentation “Deriving HTML from PDF – lessons learned” will focus on best practices and lessons for deriving HTML from tagged PDF and cover his recommended improvements to the PDF specification.

Roman Toda

Interview with Matt Kuznicki, Chief System Architect of AbleDocs, about PDF Days Online 2021

Interview with Matt Kuznicki, Chief System Architect of AbleDocs, about PDF Days Online 2021

Matt Kuznicki

Interview with Andrey Safonov, Head of Product of PDFTron, about PDF Days Online 2021

Andrey Safonov, Head of Product of PDFTron, talks about his presentation “3DPDFs + the future” at the upcoming PDF Days Online 2021.

Available Now: Free Software Trial of DocBridge® Document Viewer, the Universal Viewer for Documents of Any Size and Format

The software is freely scalable and can therefore be quickly and easily adapted to the current situation depending on the volume of documents and number of users.

Chrome-plated PDFs: Exploring Google Chrome’s new PDF capabilities

Google Chrome now supports saving tagged PDFs, plus PDF form filling in the browser. Released on 25th August, version 85 of the Chrome web browser included a couple of significant updates to its PDF output capabilities. Let’s take a quick …

Adobe announces Liquid Mode for Acrobat Mobile

Adobe is excited to announce the release of Liquid Mode for Adobe Acrobat Mobile. Digital experiences have never been more critical — cutting across all industries and impacting daily work and personal lives. And this has never been more apparent …

Introducing the PDF Reuse Technical Working Group

The PDF Reuse TWG is facilitating the reuse of document content and semantics on a diverse set of devices and in a broad range of applications. This work also facilitates the accessibility of the PDF document.

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Chrome adds support for Tagged PDF

Google’s Chrome browser now creates tagged PDF files when the “Save as PDF” option is selected (Control / Command-P).

Google Chrome