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Understanding UTF-8 in PDF 2.0

PDF Association’s CTO, Peter Wyatt discusses text strings in PDF.

Image showing UTF-8 support and no UTF-8 support

Announcing the Email Archiving with PDF Liaison Working Group

Almost every email client can save email messages as PDF files, but none do so in a manner that retains email structures or metadata proving message authenticity. The EA-PDF specification development effort will explore a better way.

A swirl of email.

SafeDocs unearths PDF inline image issue

This freely-available PDF file includes 8 test cases that only render correctly if the abbreviated key name is used. If the full key name is used then something else happens (precisely what is implementation dependent!).

Screen-shot of a test failure.

PDF 2.0 corrections now easier to use

PDF issues has been redesigned based on industry feedback: all resolved errata are now published via https://pdf-issues.pdfa.org.

Screen-shot of correction to issue 81.

Japanese Layout Requirements

Antenna House Formatter supports requirements for Japanese layouts from basic to advanced compositions.

Japanese characters

MuPDF 1.19.0 Release Notice

The developer of MuPDF, Artifex Software, has announced the release of its MuPDF 1.19.0.

Feature Support index now linked to the Product and Services showcase

We have enhanced the PDF Association’s Feature Support pages to be driven by members’ product and services showcase listings on pdfa.org.


PDF standards explained: with a focus on the newest

Dietrich von Seggern from callas software explains PDF standards with a focus on the newest standards.

computer screen listing PDF validation items

Overhauling PDF Forms technology

The Technical Working Group’s chair explains the current missions of the PDF Forms TWG; a declarative model for business logic, alignment with web forms and optimized accessibility.

Electronic form with fields for first name, last name, and your email with the PDF Association logo.

Doing PDF right

Doing PDF right means being aware of errata for PDF 2.0. With over 65 issues now resolved and approved by the PDF Association’s PDF TWG, the body of knowledge in the “PDF Issues” GitHub repo is already significant.

Screenshot of a PDF issue 9.8 Font descriptors some text crossed out other in green that is being inserted