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Previewing PDF Days Europe 2021

We preview some of what’s coming at PDF Days Europe 2021 with sessions in accessibility, production, security and core PDF technology.

PDF Days Europe 2021:

Interview with Andrey Safonov, Head of Product of PDFTron, about PDF Days Europe 2021

Andrey Safonov, Head of Product of PDFTron, talks about his presentation at the upcoming PDF Days Europe 2021

Interview with Neil Pitman, Managing Director of Aquaforest, about PDF Days Europe 2021

Interview with Neil Pitman, Managing Director of Aquaforest, about his presentation “The Low Code Revolution and PDF” at PDF Days Europe 2021.

Interview with Duff Johnson, CEO of PDF Association, about PDF Days Europe 2021

Duff Johnson previews his introductory remarks at PDF Days Europe 2021, coming this September 27-29 in Berlin!

Duff Johnson

FONT Doesn’t Have to Be a Four-Letter Word in Your Print Shop

Being able to identify and correct these issues as part of your prepress or file preparation process before printing is not only a time-saver, it is also a cost-saver; less time debugging, less waste, and less frustration with the benefits …

Four Letter Word - F?#T!

Smart & Safe – COVID security at PDF Days Europe 2021

A live event during the COVID-19 pandemic requires special precautions. Many attendees have expressed their strong desire for face-to-face discussions again in the context of a live trade event with industry experts. Nevertheless, everyone wants to feel safe. PDF Days …

PDF Days Europe 2021 Meet smart and safe

PDF technical resources for the less technically-minded

Technical resources on are now more understandable and navigable by less technically experienced readers as well as knowledgeable developers.

ISO standards for PDF in 3 rows with 3 across

ABBYY FineReader PDF Named #1 PDF Software by Gartner’s GetApp

ABBYY FineReader PDF was rated as the #1 PDF Software product in GetApp’s 2021 Category Leaders ranking, based on user ratings and reviews.

Gartner Get App 2021 Leaders Award Announcement Logo

New release of our PDF library: iText 7 Suite 7.1.16

An important new release of our PDF library which sees the introduction of pdfOffice: an add-on to iText 7 that enables high-fidelity conversion of Microsoft Office documents into iText-quality PDFs. We’ve also made improvements to Core’s SVG support, digital signatures, …

New release iText 7 Suite 7.1.16

Is Your Print and Digital Production Aligned to PDF File Format Centricity?

As an open and managed standard, PDF has specifications for print, archive, web presentment and accessibility. And that is why you should be looking at making it your standard. Print vendors and print industries all around the world are seeing …

Solimar Systems - PDF Centric Workflows