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The latest developments in digital printing and PDF/X

The 2016 PSD handbook version is published – German version will be provided soon.

Author: Matthias Wagner
Date: April 18, 2016


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The latest developments in digital printing and PDF/X

Cover of PSD 2016The 2016 PSD handbook version has now been published.

Over the past 10 years digital printing has evolved into a standards-based platform from which all vendors may benefit. Fogra’s research helps drive this standardization by way of providing the necessary detailed¬†substantiation and ensuring the active contribution of the prepress and print industries.

Fogra’s ProcessStandard Digital Handbook 2016 brings a number of major changes:

  • FOGRA51 as the new digital printing exchange space
  • Updated PDF/X-ready preflight profiles
  • Includes a page showing all tolerances at a glance (see the last page)
  • Explanation of quality report and optimising PDF from Caldera and Colorlogic added
  • The specification of tolerances has been updated

The German-language version will be provided soon.