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PDF/UA was in the air at Xplor 2015

In essence, Xplor is about doing clever things with PDF files.

Author: Duff Johnson
Date: April 17, 2015


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PDF/UA was in the air at Xplor 2015

PDF Association booth at Xplor 2015

This week the PDF Association was represented at the Xploration 2015 conference in Orlando, Florida, by Executive Director Duff Johnson.

Xplor International is a PDF Association Partner Organization and a trade organization for the customer communications (CCM) industry.

CCM is probably responsible for the majority of the PDF files generated worldwide.

Approximately 360 CCM practitioners attended, most with strategic responsibilities in their respective organizations.

In my conversations with approximately two-thirds of the vendors present, including some Fortune 100 companies, it became clear that…

  • PDF continues to grow as the output industry’s standard deliverable, driving print and e-delivery
  • PDF/VT is a subject of interest and active consideration, but not (yet) broad-based implementation
  • awareness of the need to meet accessibility requirements is growing rapidly
  • vendors are aware that PDF/UA provides the technical road-map for meeting accessibility requirements, including WCAG 2.0, in PDF documents. Most claimed current development in this area.
  • ZUGFeRD was news to most, but the idea was extremely interesting to all.

Duff Johnson and Dave Hook at the PDF Association booth.

Duff Johnson and Crawford Technologies’ Dave Hook at the PDF Association booth.