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Digital born PDF/A – tough nut or (un)recognized potential?

How to overcome challenges when archiving digitally created documents – Article by Dr. Hans Bärfuss in the DOK.magazin

Author: Nadine Schuppisser
Date: August 2, 2013


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Digital born PDF/A – tough nut or (un)recognized potential?

Scanned documents have been archived successfully in PDF/A format for more than six years. However, the attitude towards archiving digitally created documents is more reserved. What are the reasons? Some are obvious: scanned documents are easier to convert into PDF/A format, whilst converting digitally created documents usually represents more of a technical challenge. Slightly less obvious reasons are errors in the reproduction of the converted document, functional limitations of the PDF/A standard, and other. However, these challenges can be overcome with the right strategies. Read the full article from Dr. Hans Bärfuss in the August 2013 issue of DOK.magazin.