MuPDF 1.17.0 Release Notice

Lisa Fenn // June 23, 2020

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Highlights for this Release

We are pleased to announce the release of MuPDF 1.17.0. With this release, we’ve improved the digital signature signing and verification functionality, including the addition of validated changes in a signed PDF file. This is a significant improvement and our digital signature feature now supports multiple signature fields.

Our redaction feature has also been improved to now work on images and links as well as text. By selecting all or part of an image, MuPDF permanently redacts the selected image data, making it impossible to retrieve the original data.

Additional enhancements include the support of Greek, Cyrillic, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean scripts in forms and annotations and the ability to embed and extract file attachment annotations. Improvements were made to annotation tools and form fields, and we’ve implemented a chapter-based API for faster EPUB loading.

With this release, we’ve moved the Windows build to VS2019, and have updated the MuPDF Android Mini and Viewer APKs.

In Other News

Our talented engineering staff are working on some exciting new MuPDF products. We can’t give you all the info just yet, so watch this space for an announcement in the near future!

Additional changes and detailed information for this release and more can be found in the release notes for version 1.17.0.


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