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Vector develops and markets a proprietary software package called CDP (Car Dealer Package) for small vehicle businesses. CDP is a dealer management system that covers all aspects of daily operational processes like customer management, vehicle trading, …

The ISO standard for archiving digital documents, PDF/A, has been in force since 2005. Dr. Hans Bärfuss, founder and CEO of PDF Tools AG, takes a look at what has been achieved during this time and what still needs to be done.

MCS Inc., a manufacturer of industrial inkjet imaging and camera systems for customers in direct mail and graphics arts, will use Compart DocBridge Mill software as the PDF rasterizing engine for Eagle inkjet print heads. As a result, MCS clients in these markets can run a wider range of jobs on their Eagle production lines.

AFP or PDF? Opinions differ on which data format is better for output management. Considering its “triumph” in electronic data exchange, the Portable Document Format (PDF) is often viewed as irreplaceable. Nonetheless, AFP remains the most used format for mass printing. Why?

If one wants to eliminate mountains of paper records and the associated retention costs, then the implementation of a legally binding digital archiving system cannot be avoided. But are corporations and their project leaders sufficiently prepared for this? A large part of a company’s “value” lies in documents. They also form the basis for demonstrating proof during legal disputes. The increasing digitization of paper documents and the flood of documents created by digital sources (fax, emails, e-invoicing, MS-Office, web, etc.) are requiring archivists to deal with the special demands of retaining documents in digital format.

callas software announces a maintenance release for callas pdfToolbox 5. This maintenance release has a couple of new features, most of which are related to checking and fixing problems related to page sizes.The new version of callas pdfToolbox 5 offers improved automatic processing of PDFs, improved checking for bleed, and conditional fixes for page geometry issues, addressing requirements for PDF-upload portals.

The first Italian data transmission network that brings together over 20,000 professionals — including accountants, tax and labour experts — has chosen callas’ package as document conversion and verification software for the PDF/A format. Why did they choose callas?

The DAK, Germany’s second largest healthcare company, has migrated their internal information archive to the new ISO standard PDF/A with help from LuraTech. The archive used to exist as digitalized microfilms, scanned into TIFF format. This had the disadvantages of not only requiring a lot of memory space, but in particular the files could not be full-text searched.

CHUV required an installation that would automate the conversion of all document work flows that enter the archiving systems. Files with various formats such as doc(x), html, rtf and PDF in TIFF G4 are handled within their archive. What solution did they choose? How are patient records affected by PDF/A?

Of the possible candidates for the long term archiving of electronic documents PDF/A won out over XPS (XML Paper Specification), TIFF G4 and JPEG. Why?

Interesting events
Webinar: PDF Compressor Version 8 – the “brand new Major Version”
Start: January 31, 2019

This webinar will provide an overview of the new features and improvements in version 8 of Foxits PDF Compressor.

PDF Day France in Toulouse
Start: April 4, 2019

PDF Day France will be the first French-speaking event of the PDF Association, organised by our member ORPALIS. It will take place in Toulouse which is the home ground of Airbus and we are very happy that Airbus will present a case study around its usa …

ISO TC 171 SC 2 “PDF Week” – Spring, 2019
Start: May 13, 2019

PDF’s ISO committees for PDF, PDF/A and PDF/UA, as well as other PDF technology committees will meet in Toronto in May, 2019. PDF Association members may attend these ISO meetings as a feature of the organization’s category “A” relationship with ISO.

CreativePro Week
Start: June 10, 2019
CreativePro Week logo.

In alliance with our own Electronic Document Conference the following week, the PDF Association is sponsoring CreativePro Week 2019 in Seattle! As the leading “how-to” conference for creative professionals, CreativePro Week is a great opportunity to get value from two great events in a single trip!

The Electronic Document Conference
Start: June 17, 2019
EDC icon

In 2019, the Electronic Document Conference is a two-day educational experience offering developers and product managers over 50 sessions covering a wide range of information on electronic document technologies.