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Interhyp opted for the 3-Heights™ PDF to PDF/A Converter from PDF Tools AG, which scored highly in terms of both output quality and overall performance.

SEAL Systems Bauerfeind Titelseite EN

The German software company SEAL Systems helped the medical technology manufacturer Bauerfeind to digitally release CAD documents. What‘s more, the production team at Bauerfeind can now easily convert CAD documents into long-term and 3D neutral formats. The groundworkfor this solution was a PLM project utilizing SAP PLM, which had been carried earlier out by Cenit, a partner of SEAL System

callas software, a leader in the fields of automatic PDF processing and archiving solutions, is reporting excellent growth in sales for 2016. OEM customers in particular contributed to an unexpected rise of almost 25% in document processes and archiving, and around 10% in the print and publishing sector. Sales through partners and distributors also boosted turnover.

PDFlib releases PDFlib/PDFlib+PDI/PPS 9.1 with new features for color handling as well as an update of the free PDFlib Block Plugin with improved support for using Retina displays with Acrobat XI.

Qoppa Software has released a new HTML-based solution allowing to annotate and markup PDF documents in any browser and any platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android), without any plugin. This solution replaces Qoppa’s existing applet-based solutions …

callas software, market leader for automated PDF quality control and archival solutions, today releases version 9.1 of its pdfToolbox product line. pdfToolbox 9.1 adds support for the Processing Steps standard, includes a new version of the Adobe PDF library and extends several main pdfToolbox features.

PDF Tools AG

Extracting text from a PDF document is one of the most popular information retrieval function. But how about other information such as images, metadata and more? It can be simple – but also tricky.

callas software, market leader for automated PDF quality control and archival solutions, today releases an update for its pdfChip product line. pdfChip converts HTML into good, standards-compliant PDF documents. The pdfChip 1.2 update focuses on ease-of-use and implements improvements for barcode and SVG workflows.

  As a company that’s been on the frontier of PDF technology in the past 16 years, we are proud to present the latest version of one of the most popular PDF solutions in the world — Able2Extract Professional 11. As of December 2016, we are discont …


After more than 5 years of providing the industry leading PDF framework for companies such as Dropbox, Evernote, Box, IBM, and United Airlines, PSPDFKit made their technology available to everyone with their new free app, PDF Viewer, now available for iOS and Android. PDF Viewer will sustainably raise the bar for everyone as to what a great PDF viewing and editing experience is, which will in turn promote the high quality PSPDFKit SDKs.


PDF Annotator 6.1, the PDF markup tool for Windows, has just been released. The application comes with a completely revamped full screen mode, perfect for PDF presentations in schools and universities.


With reference to the content and conditions, documents can be identified, shared and metadata are read out. The documents can be reassembled based on criteria. Stationery can underlaid content controlled. The documents can be printed or sent via email.

PDF Tools AG

The modern image and diagnostic report management system JiveX was developed by VISUS for all fields of medicine. It has evolved from a picture archiving and communication system for radiological images into a medical archive for all clinically relevant documents and images.

PDFX-ready in Switzerland has annonced the immediate availability of the PDFX-ready Online Tools. This is a new innovative service for the members of PDFX-ready and also (in a limited version) for non-members.

PDF Tools AG

The traditional technical environment for a digital signature is the public key infrastructure (PKI). Digital signatures are also used to implement electronic money such as Bitcoin. However, Bitcoin uses a new technology, the blockchain. This new technical infrastructure can also be employed to sign documents. But what are the benefits?


Berlin. In October 2015, Foxit Software acquired LuraTech. As the next logical step on this path, LuraTech is now being renamed to Foxit Europe GmbH. This makes LuraTech a part of a global business and a leading provider of fast, cost-effective, secure …


axaio software, developer of automation solutions for PDF creation, printing and content correction workflows for the publishing and printing markets, today launches the update version 1.7.080 of MadeToTag including a brand-new feature for the optimization of form fields.

A detailed article by PDFlib GmbH on new features and changes as well as deprecated features in the upcoming standard PDF 2.0 (ISO 32000-2).

Qoppa Software is happy to announce the availability of version v2016R1 for its suite of Java PDF library and Swing PDF component products. This new version delivers improved up-sampling of images, support for composite blend modes on screen and many r …


When presented with a digitally signed document, most will probably just accept it at face value. The more technically minded will validate the signature, which confirms that the signature is unaltered, and that is signed by a Certificate which we trust.


PDF Packages were introduced in Acrobat 8.0 and they themselves were an extension to simple file attachments in a PDF file. With PDF Packages, you could combine multiple PDF files into a single “Package” with each file remaining a discrete entity with it’s own security settings but you could also combine Dynamic XFA Forms and static PDF Forms (Acroforms). What distinguished PDF Packages from ZIP files is that you could add descriptive text and metadata in context and you’d get a little thumbnail to help you find the specific files you wanted across the whole set.

The DocBridge Delta quality assurance solution now has even more functionality. Release 2.9, available in August, offers new features for document comparison through an interactive administrator interface (UI). The most significant innovation: the soft …


One of the more interesting features of Adobe Acrobat is the ability to review and markup documents using electronic versions of common tools used to mark up paper documents. Acrobat gives you a highlighter, a sticky note tool, even a paperclip to attach additional documents or files. These are stored as annotation on top of the PDF pages. The Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit allows developers to create, modify, extract and manage these annotations in a way that is completely interoperable with Adobe Acrobat.

Metadata has been described as the business card of a particular digital document. Metadata often comprises a set of properties, where each property has specific meaning in the context of the document, such as the title and creator of a PDF document or the GPS position where an image was taken.


PDF Annotator 6, the PDF markup tool for Windows, has just been released. The PDF application comes with a new presentation mode, camera integration and an integrated image editor.

Qoppa Software, a leading producer of PDF software, announces version 11 of PDF Studio, their powerful, easy to use PDF editor for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. PDF Studio 11 adds a number of new features including Spell Check, Non-Latin OCR Languages, …

Qoppa Software, a leading provider of PDF solutions, is pleased to announce the release of PDF Automation Server v2016R1, the latest version of Qoppa Software’s flagship PDF processing server. The new version of PDF Automation Server delivers PDF funct …

PDF Tools AG

Thanks to the signature and validation service and the integration of the 3-Heights™ Scan to PDF Server, KIBAG completely replaced its manual document processing procedure with an audit-compliant electronic archiving system.

PDFlib PLOP and PLOP DS 5.1 – Digital Signatures in PDF – is now released. Customers can download a free trial at


Come visit our presentations at the PDF Days Europe 2016 and find out how automated PDF generation is being used in connection with SAP at Geberit and get to know, why PDF and PDF/A optimization is not only about reducing the file size! Our experts will be at your disposal and will be happy to talk with you about all questions and topics that might arise.


Datalogics, the premier source for Adobe PDF and eBook technologies, announces the release of the Adobe PDF Library SDK (PDFL) 15. The Adobe PDF Library SDK is a class-leading PDF library that contains a powerful set of native C/C++ APIs with interfaces for .NET and Java. Built with the same core technology that Adobe uses to build Adobe Acrobat, PDFL offers a multitude of functionalities.


Exciting times at Datalogics with the Adobe PDF Library! We’ve been hard at work on the Datalogics distribution of Adobe’s PDF Library version 15 and, after a lot of good times and some challenges, we’ve concluded the beta program and are readying our general release. Our great thanks to everyone who gave us feedback and suggestions through the beta program.

PDF Tools AG

Every developer of a PDF viewer, a PDF printer and a PDF to Image Converter tool comes across the requirement to render non embedded fonts and is facing quite a challenging task. Not only developers but also users of these tools might be interested in non embedded fonts and how they are treated by these tools.


As the Managing Director, Dietrich von Seggern will now take responsibility for product management, marketing, partner management and sales

Qoppa Software, a leading provider of Java PDF solutions, is pleased to announce jWordConvert™ v2016R1, the new version of their Microsoft® Word® to PDF conversion library written in Java. This release of jWordConvert includes a lot of font handling en …

Forest Hills, New York – 4/14/16 – As a leader in PDF technologies, CVISION Technologies is pleased to announce the release of Trapeze for Invoice Processing 4.0, the latest version of our industry-leading automated invoice processing software. The new …


Now, I’m not going to share that ugly code with you, instead I’m going to share the Somewhat Improved™ version, which now picks up more ICC profiles and doesn’t require that an image already be using an ICC profile.


callas software is pleased to announce their presence at drupa 2016, the international trade fair for prepress, premedia, printing and publishing.

PDF Tools AG

What are inline images and why do some programmers of PDF readers feel uncomfortable about them?


The correct display of color on different devices has always been an important part of PDF technology. Using the correct color model when working with documents allows for more predictable results.

EBA 2015.16 National Public Champion Logo

he European Business Awards announced their winners in each of the 33 participating countries for National Public Champions, and for Belgium, this was iText!, leading developers of PDF converter solutions, released Able2Extract 10, the all-in-one PDF converter, creator and editor that takes PDF productivity to the next level. With this latest version, Able2Extract 10 offers advanced features to help manipulate and transfer raw PDF data into business insights you can use.

PDF Tools AG

Get more information about the Final Release 4.6 – new products and enhancements.


Appligent has released version 6.0 of StampPDF Batch now with dynamic variable substitution, mix and match page sizes, and watched folders.

PDF Tools AG

Is it possible to convert digitally signed documents to PDF/A? What technical means does PDF offer to perform such a conversion?

PDF Tools AG

In particular in mass printing applications “rich black” values are not wanted, however, and it is required to use “true black” colors which use the K channel only. This article gives some ideas how this transform can be achieved.

Trapeze for Redaction utilizes sophisticated redaction technology to intelligently identify and remove sensitive information from your documents.


New features in this release were developed to provide users in a wide range of markets, including Sign & Display, Packaging & Label, Digital & Commercial Printing, with new tools to help them address the challenges of daily production.


The Email Archiver is a FileConverterPro Microsoft Outlook 2010/2013 plug-in that allows to convert directly from MS-Outlook single or multiple selected emails or entire email folders and subfolders with all their e-mail messages to PDF or PDF/A.


pdfToolbox 8.1 now features soft proofing for multi-channel color and introduces “libraries” offering better organization of profiles.


LuraTech Imaging GmbH, known in particular for its award-winning compression technology with a broad customer base, has a new owner in the form of Foxit Software.

PitStop 13 – PDF Quality Control just got better Breakthrough release does away with the problems of missing bleeds, confusing pre-flight messages and adds a huge upgrade to the PitStop preflight engine, giving printers the PDF quality they need for smooth, efficient production. After a successful beta test period, PitStop 13 is now in general release. Beta users report that the features included in this release solve their most problematic PDF quality challenges. Available as a subscription or a license model, PitStop 13 provides, as one beta tester described it, “More production, more efficiency, and easier communication.”

axaio software, developer of solutions for PDF creation, printing and content correction workflows for the publishing and printing markets, announces the compatibility of MadeToPrint Server for vjoon K4 with Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 Server. The new MadeToPrint version also includes improved integration with the vjoon K4 environment.

axaio software, developer of solutions for PDF creation, printing and content correction workflows for the publishing and printing markets, announces the compatibility of MadeToPrint Server with Adobe Creative Cloud 2015.

This year’s motto, “Impetus for digital communication: Ditch the pages and focus on content,” underscores why future customer communication will revolve around multi-channel-capable document processing. Comparting is fast approaching. The international …

Compart North America will take a different approach at this year’s Graph Expo in Chicago, Illinois (USA). Instead of the standard demonstrations at workstations and product-focused sales pitches, the specialist in multi-channel document and output man …

Compart North America präsentiert sich auf der diesjährigen Graph Expo in Chicago (Illinois, USA) mit einem neuen Konzept. Statt der bei Messen üblichen Produktvorführungen fokussiert der Spezialist für Multi-Channel Document Management die Interaktion …


“In the 6.5 release, the ability to compress electronically generated PDF files is a tremendous step toward universal document capture for CVISION users. Continued improvements to the text recognition, file compression and PDF conversion technologies help CVISION to solidify its status as a leading provider of PDF optimization solutions.”

PDF Tools AG

JBIG2 is a compression algorithm for bitonal images and has been developed to replace the widely used CCITT G4 algorithm because it can reach better compression ratios. However, the algorithm has received a bad reputation which has led some security experts to the recommendation not to use the algorithm anymore. Is this a wise advice or just an overreaction? Why could it go so far?


Datalogics, the premier source for Adobe PDF and eBook technologies, announced the release of Datalogics PDF Alchemist, a new SDK for converting PDF documents to HTML.

axaio software, developer of solutions for PDF creation, printing and content correction workflows for the publishing and printing markets, announces the compatibility of MadeToPrint, MadeToTag and MadeForLayers with with Adobe’s latest Creative Cloud 2015.

PDF Tools AG

Detecting pictures in scanned document pages has many advantages such as better compression rates and the possibility to extract them individually.

axaio software, developer of solutions for PDF creation, printing and content correction workflows for the publishing and printing markets, announces the availability of a new version of its export extension MadeToPrint for QuarkXPress. The new version replaces the former 32-bit version and supports QuarkXPress 2015.

PDF Tools AG

In order to reduce the file size PDF producers use a technique called font subsetting. What does exactly happen with the fonts and what are the consequences?

Chicago, IL, May 7, 2015 – At the Microsoft Ignite (conference) in Chicago today, Datalogics, the premier source for Adobe PDF and eBook technologies, announced the release of their PDF WebAPI Connected Service for Visual Studio. Connected Services are …


Adobe’s just released Acrobat DC software includes even more technology from callas software GmbH


Kodak has integrated the pdfToolbox technology from callas software into PRINERGY Workflow 7

Stephan Jaeggi has created a new web server with a lively blog and a free newsletter in english and german. The blog mainly covers developments in PDF for Print Production like PDF/X, preflight, output workflow system for CTP and digital printing, auto …


To celebrate its 20th birthday, callas software GmbH has relaunched its home page.


Adlib joins forces with Informed Consulting to deliver enterprise-level document management solutions to organizations globally.


The latest version of Acrobat and Reader work with VoiceOver on OS X.


Faster time-to-revenue, cost savings and better experience now possible with sign-from-anywhere, cloud-based platform poised to drive consumer and business digital signature adoption forward.

axaio software, developer of automation solutions for PDF creation, printing and content correction workflows for the publishing and printing markets, today launches an update of MadeToTag that includes new functionalities for table of content tagging and support of PDF archival.


callas software, market leader for automated PDF quality control and archival solutions, today releases a completely new product line to convert HTML into good, standards-compliant PDF. callas pdfChip is a command-line conversion tool that takes an HTML file – optionally using CSS and JavaScript – and performs a high-quality conversion to PDF that is ready for print or archival.


QuarkXPress 2015 will allow better, faster, cutting-edge PDF output with the help of callas software

How can we boost productivity and reliability in high-volume production printing? Compart puts this question front and center at this year’s Hunkeler Innovationdays event in Lucerne. Together with its Swiss partner Docucom (, the company …


callas software will present its brand new pdfChip product for the first time at CeBIT in Hanover.

PDF Tools AG

Digital signatures are still not very widely used and the the knowledge about them is often fuzzy. This article tries to give an overview about this huge and complex topic.

Thus, the different document formats incl. character recognition (OCR) are converted into searchable PDF or PDF / A files via your mobile device.

PDF Tools AG

Although the first part of the PDF/A standard was published in 2005 there is still a need for some clarifications regarding fonts and embedding. What does the standard exactly require? How should PDF to PDF/A converters handle fonts? How do viewers act …


LEAD Technologies is pleased to announce the release of LEADTOOLS Version 19. Headlining this release are the new Document Viewer and Document Converter frameworks for .NET and HTML5/JavaScript. Combined with significant updates and additions throughout the Document, Medical, Imaging and Multimedia product lines, developers can do more than ever with LEADTOOLS Version 19.

Bank Hapoalim (Switzerland AG) is a subsidiary of Bank Hapoalim B.M, the biggest bank in Israel. As a mid-size foreign bank in Switzerland, the Bank offers highly personalized services tailored to the needs of clients of different risk profiles, geogra …

Convert emails or entire email folders with all their e-mail messages to PDF or PDF/A.

With around 6,000 employees, 150 company sites and an annual turnover of EUR 1.2 billion (2013), Gebrüder Weiss is one of the leading names in transport and logistics in Europe. In addition to its core business of overland transport, air & sea freight, …

Live seminar with technical presentations on How Centralized Shared Services concept of Advanced Rendering (of PDFs) can bring an organization together. The focus will be on the value of PDF within the organizations especially around – Collaboration, C …

Live seminar with technical presentations on How Centralized Shared Services concept of Advanced Rendering (of PDFs) can bring an organization together. The focus will be on Life Sciences organizations and the value of PDF within these organizations es …


(Bochum, Germany, November 20, 2014) –  Soft Xpansion has unveiled the new versions of its flagship PDF and print output solutions: Perfect PDF 9 Premium and Perfect PDF & Print 9. Both products are available for download (choice for English, French, I …


In our white paper you can read how you can archive all business-related emails in the long term and safe with all attachments. In this paper we summarize clearly for you backgrounds, challenges, scenarios and solutions.

While talking about PDF validation workflows we often come across questions like “Can I let the validation fail if the paper format does not match our corporate rules?”. This and other customer specific requirements are indeed useful extensions to the …


Who would have thought: PDF companies are hot! On October 8, iText Software was chosen as Most Promising Company of 2014 by BelCham (The Belgian Chamber of Commerce) at their annual gala on October 8, 2014 in NYC. iText was nominated in the Top 3 in la …

Traditionally a scanner produces a TIFF or JPEG image for each page. Some of them can directly produce PDF files. And newer devices produce files conforming to the PDF/A standard. However, the quality of the produced files differ significantly. Why is …


axaio software, developer of solutions for PDF creation, printing and content correction workflows for the publishing and printing markets, announces the compatibility with Adobe’s latest Creative Cloud 2014.


Foxit PhantomPDF Creates and Validates PDF/A, /E, and /X Documents Berlin, Germany – October 14, 2014 – callas software today announced that Foxit® Software, a leading software provider of fast, affordable, and secure PDF solutions, integrates PDF/A, / …

Mail-Gard, a division of IWCO Direct, is one of the nation‘s leading providers of print-to-mail continuity and recovery services. With locations in Pennsylvania and Minnesota, Mail-Gard maintains fully-secured and dedicated recovery facilities that sup …

j2 Global® is a leading cloud services company that improves business performance and efficiency for millions of customers worldwide. j2 provides essential business tools such as online faxing, unified communications, hosted email services, email marke …

A PDF/A document requires that all resources such as fonts, color profiles, etc. must be embedded in the file. The archiving of transactional documents can be nightmare because such documents are usually short by nature and contain huge number of copie …

If you try to extract images from a PDF file it sometimes happens that you get a bunch of slices of the original image, mostly consisting of a few image rows per slice or, in extreme cases, just one row. Why is that and how can you get the entire image …


In document processing, nothing works without meaningful metadata — at least not if you want to automate it. The XMP format is key.

A central service to convert Microsoft Office documents to PDF or PDF/A has obvious advantages. The conversion is done on an enterprise wide platform with well defined software versions and conversion process configurations. This guarantees a consisten …

If you use validation software from different manufacturers you sometimes get different results. Why can this happen? Does it mean that you can’t trust the software? What can you do about it? We hear these and more questions very often and we can under …

Do you sometimes get a little shock when you wanted to open a PDF file and the viewer only showed an error message? In some cases, however, the viewer can save the file and repair it, but often not. This experience made us think about a repair tool. Th …

I’m sure you’ve heard sometimes phrases like “a printer driver which is based Windows GDI can only reproduce RGB colors” or “if a printer driver isn’t built on top of the PostScript driver one cannot print EPS graphics”. There is no question that these …

We all know that the conversion one file format to another is not as easy as one might wish for and can lead to unpleasant surprises. However, it is hardly known that this is the case for the conversion from PDF to PDF/A. Why is that? Expert-Blog – dis …

The plan-box construction project room has been in operation for 12 years and proves its worth on a daily basis with more than 5,000 users and around 250 projects. Big-name customers use plan-box to manage large-scale construction projects with a const …

On an RGB screen or a CMYK laser printer spot colors cannot be displayed directly and must be emulated by converting them into their process color equivalent. The Separation and DeviceN color spaces provide tint transform functions to do so. However, w …


PDFMerge client for FileConverterPro (FCPro) – extends the PDF (/ A) Conversion service with new features


Berlin – July 9, 2014 – axaio software, developer of solutions for PDF creation, printing and content correction workflows for the publishing and printing markets, announces the availability of the new version 2.6 of MadeToPrint. This update provides e …


Features New Fixups Remap characters from Unicode Private Use Area: Map Unicode from PUA to another valid Unicode Remove all tagging information: Removes all tagging structure Enhanced Fixups Font to outline: “Apply to” added to control, which fonts ar …

Compart and Ricoh have entered into a reseller partnership for northern Europe. The contract was signed at the beginning of this year. In addition to its own products, Ricoh will sell Compart’s multi-channel document management solutions in Sweden, Den …


The new version of callas pdfToolbox that was released on June 25 2014 includes the following features: Fixups Remap characters from Unicode Private Use Area: Map Unicode from PUA to another valid Unicode [FP21906] Remove all tagging information: Remov …

To test the functions of FileConverterPro and AutoOCR and to run own conversion without having to install the software we made a server with FileConverterPro and AutoOCR, accessible via the internet for free. Under MS-Windows the applications DropConve …


The callas pdfToolbox Server, isn’t that the workflow package that is especially suitable for larger companies? “Could be,” says Ronald van der Meer of Pim Print in Roelofarendsveen, “but we control our production with this software and we are very happy with it.”

As a subsidiary of the PKV association of private health insurers, MEDICPROOF GmbH assesses compliance with eligibility criteria in the area of private compulsory health insurance. In most cases, it assesses whether an applicant has a need for care and …

ZUGFeRD is the latest hot topic in the field of electronic invoicing. To integrate documents efficiently and reliably into a business process, it is important that the required standards are met in ZUGFeRD. To achieve this objective, PDF Tools AG offer …

The ZFV Group is a traditional Zurich-based group of hotel and catering businesses across Switzerland. The group includes the Sorell Hotels Switzerland, various public restaurants, numerous staff restaurants, school and university cafeterias and Zurich …

Pimp my Scan Server! In other words, how to set new standards with a standard scanning solution: in most companies, scanning paper documents has become a routine task when handling incoming mail. Multifunction printers (MFP) or high-performance scanner …


New guide shows how to ‘do PDF/VT right’ to maximize productivity and minimize turnaround in the deadline- and profit-critical world of variable data print.


I am proud to say that IDRsolutions has joined the PDF Association. I think it an association that you should also consider joining.

Delen Private Bank manages assets, primarily belonging to private individuals. Many years of experience result in a well-conceived, balanced investment strategy that is in tune to personal profile and financial objectives of their customers. Delen’s fi …

Several weeks ago PDF Tools AG has launched its own blog. This blog contains interesting reports on the long-term archiving format PDF/A and other aspects of PDF technology. The lead author Dr Hans Bärfuss was initiator and founding member of PDF/A Com …

The ALTE LEIPZIGER Life Insurance Society – whose business focus is on annuity and disability insurance and company pension plans – has counted among Germany’s leading life insurers for 180 years. With incoming contributions of around 1.8 billion euros …

callas software GmbH, a provider of powerful PDF technology for publishing, printing production and document archiving, will present version 5.0 of its pdfaPilot in the BITKOM ECM Solutions Park (Hall 3, Stand B17) at this year’s CeBIT. This new release allows users to archive emails in PDF/A format, guaranteeing long-term reproducibility and system independence.


Berlin, 23 January 2014 – after raving customer feedback on pdfToolbox 7, callas software today issues an important maintenance release. This release makes the new customizable – and HTML-based – preflight report available in pdfToolbox Desktop as well …

The PDF format has evolved quickly and significantly since being published as an open standard by the International Organization for Standardization in 2008. Since then, PDF has become one of the world’s most widely used file formats, improving how people create, access, and share documents.


The worldwide transition to digital government offers the promise of better efficiency, accessibility, and transparency of everyday government processes, but it also creates unique challenges. Government mandates with strict timetables being issued in numerous countries place a heavy burden on agencies and businesses required to institute electronics record management systems and provide archival copies of all vital documents and communications. Most organizations these days rely on a heterogeneous mix of operating systems and applications running on complex internal network infrastructures that are sometimes supplemented with external processing and storage resources in the cloud. Capturing, organizing, and delivering archival materials from these diverse sources creates a substantial challenge—difficult to meet without a system-level solution adequate to the task.

The rhenag company is a supra-regional energy supplier and share-holding manager of communal energy providers. rhenag advises regional and communal suppliers throughout Germany on all business management and technical issues in this expanding service m …

In 1862, carpenter Johann Josef Lenzlinger built a house and a small workshop in Niederuster for his carpentry and sawmill business. His business has expanded over the past 150 years to become a leading enterprise in the finishing trade with around 250 …

LBBW Asset Management is a full subsidiary of the Landesbank Baden-Württemberg and is centrally responsible for institutional asset management within the LBBW group. LBBW Asset Management has a volume of around 48 billion euro in assets under managemen …

In today’s marketplace, insurance agents need a way to be accessible to their customers anywhere, anytime. InsureSign is the easiest way to get a document signed by the insured instantly, regardless of their location. Over 75% of insurance sales are in …

A survey initiated in spring 2013 closely examined practical uses to which the 3?Heights™ Document Converter is being put. A big thank you to all respondents who took the time and helped us gather the information. Analysis confirmed that our ‘Product R …

Berlin, 02. October 2013. callas software GmbH, a vendor of powerful PDF technology for publishing and archiving, has been selected as business partner by Software602, an important software vendor in the Czech Republic. Software602 uses callas pdfaPilo …

The magistrate’s office is responsible for carrying out penal proceedings for violations occurring within the city limits that are reported to the magistrate’s office by the police. If the fine is paid then the matter is considered as settled and no fu …

PDFen is an online tool that allows users to save time and money through paperless working and conferencing. The mission of PDFen is to enable their customers to merge and convert documents of any kind or format into a single PDF. PDFen features easy N …

PostFinance AG is an independent business division of the Swiss Post Office. Since the mid-1990s it has grown from being Switzerland’s number one payment transaction institute to a full-blown bank. PostFinance AG has 3 million customers and manages cus …

The new Final Release 4.2 from PDF Tools AG is available as of now. Further functions and improvements have been added to the existing products. The release also includes the two new products: Signature Creation and Verification Service and PDF Viewer …

Unico Data AG has been active on Switzerland’s ICT market since June 1991. 35 employees at the company’s headquarters in Münsingen take care of numerous customers. The company offers its customers tailor-made, comprehensive IT solutions for computer ce …

Integra is a software development company that produces document imaging, management and workflow with 25 years of experience in the financial services, real estate and other industries. iDentifi.NET is an Electronic Content Management (ECM) system tha …

Xenos Group, makers of ActuateOne® for Customer Communication Management (CCM), has become a member of the PDF Association. ActuateOne for CCM enables organizations to develop, implement and manage enterprise-class customer communications management solutions. Based on Xenos technology, the product is used to design, process, store and deliver high-volume content such as statements, policies and bills for top-tier organizations in financial services, insurance and telecommunications. Through Xenos’ document transformation and online presentment technology, organizations can utilize PDFs to provide end users with a clear view of their latest transaction information.

The EFB applications are used by the entire cockpit personnel at Lufthansa Passage AG, Lufthansa Cityline GmbH and Lufthansa Cargo AG. Changing the PDF Viewer to 3-Heights™ PDF Viewer has made it possible to include additional documents from airplane manufacturers; it also provides greater access speed to existing documents. Faster access to important information has further increased flight safety.

Thurgau cantonal tax administration authority is responsible for direct tax assessment at federal, cantonal and municipal level. It also generates the tax assessments for direct federal taxes, inheritance and accession tax, property tax and capital gai …

Canadian company Notarius is integrating callas pdfaPilot into ConsignO, its solution for digitally signing PDF documents. The callas software technology, already used in Adobe® Acrobat® XI, will enable users to thoroughly validate PDF/A compliance of documents, a valued benefit for Notarius’ 10,000 customers.

Madrid, February 7, 2013 – Compart, a leading provider of multi channel document management solutions, is consolidating its presence in the Spanish market. Compart’s output management solutions have led the transition from conventional high-volume prin …

Hunkeler Innovationdays are and remain an important driver of Compart’s business. The global provider of document management solutions is again joining this event with the partner Docucom, one of the leading system integrators in the field of document …

DocBridge Delta, the platform-independent software for automatic document comparison will be available in German starting in 2013. By expanding the program, originally available only in English, Compart is responding to the increasing demand in Europe. …

PDF Tools AG releases version 4.1 of all products of the 3-Heights™ and Classic family. This version again contains numerous enhancements and improvements to existing products. Amongst others all products which can handle PDF/A conforming documents now …

Much easier, much faster and more reliable preparation of Adobe InDesign files for export to tagged PDF: Until June 30th, 2013 free of charge usage! Berlin – 19 December, 2012 – axaio software, developer of automation solutions for PDF creation, printi …

The first version of the PDF Prep Tool was published in 1997 and has had a strong demand since that time. The name derives from “PDF Print Preparation Tool” which reveals what was originally intended. Today the PDF Prep Tool Suite is a versatile set of …

Berlin, November 19, 2012 – Today, callas software releases pdfGoHTML, a free Adobe Acrobat plug-in converting tagged PDF files into HTML supporting the ISO PDF/UA standard for universally accessible PDF documents and forms. One simple click on the plu …

From PDF/A to PDF/X: Adobe Acrobat supports it all thanks to the preflight technology of callas software Berlin, 6 November 2012 – Adobe has developed a new version of their PDF creation and viewing software: Acrobat XI.  Acrobat XI now offers extended …

Support for the new PDF/A-3 standard and the PDF/UA standard for accessibility, export of PDF to EPUB for mobile publishing, process plans and much more… Berlin, 30 October 2012 – callas software, leader in PDF Technology for publishing, print produc …

Compart is underscoring its leadership role in electronic mail. At the Comparting International Technology Forum in Böblingen at the end of September, the supplier of scalable, platform-independent output management (OM) solutions introduced its new mo …

Visit booth C71 in Hall 5 at DMS Expo for full details Berlin, 19 October 2012 – No sooner has the ISO standards organization officially released the new PDF/A-3 archival standard and callas pdfaPilot already supports it. In a major update of its pdfaP …

At yesterday’s opening of Comparting, the international technology forum in Böblingen and one of the most important meeting places for users and specialists in the document and output management industry, Compart introduced its new DocBridge Mill Plus …

KINETIC AG is a software and service provider specializing in the development, optimization and support of solutions and processes in the field of ECM (Enterprise Content Management). The company was founded in 1991 and is located in Lenzburg. KINETIC …

Tuesday, September 4, 2012 Melbourne, Australia. NetCentric Technologies, the world’s leading PDF accessibility vendor and maker of CommonLook suite of tools and services, will be joined by NV Access and Vision Australia in an unique educational event: …

PDF callas software releases the 6th generation of its preflight champion pdfToolbox. This new version includes innovative and unique new features including process plans and many other enhancements such as color remapping and increased process stability. The server version of pdfToolbox 6 now allows network-enabled setup and offers support for load-balancing through a dispatcher.


Aimed at the corporate cubicle, CommonLook Office makes it easy to create properly tagged PDF documents and forms directly from Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.


CVISION Technologies Inc. releases PdfCompressor for Kofax Capture 5.0, a Kofax Custom Module that complements Kofax Capture with advanced file compression and superior OCR.

Given the increasing relevance and constant growth of the PDF/A format among businesses, LuraTech Europe GmbH is adding full professional services to its range of offerings. Customers benefit from the firm’s many years of expertise implementing numerous projects, as well as its intensive work with international expert bodies such as the PDF/A ISO Commission and the PDF/A Competence Centre.

A large international energy provider needed to archive documents relating to nuclear power plant operations. Legal and regulatory requirements mean some of these documents need to be retained for a very long time. The archive system used a repository equipped with a web client. Users left all documents there in their native formats, including TIFF, Word, Excel and many others. Some of these documents then had to also be stored on microfilms, which of course meant a large amount of manual work. Almost 200,000 documents, some of them multi-page and large-format, were stored here every month. Learn how LuraTech helped to successfully convert millions of documents.

An organization found it necessary to consolidate several archives from a number of sources and used PDF/A as a unifying storage format. The individual archives contained a number of different types of data: customer records, invoices, credit and delivery notes, personnel records and executive documents. Read on to see how LuraTech solved their archiving problems.

More and more often, reports on clinical studies for approving new medicines are provided digitally by the FDA and other international approval bodies. The necessary documents, however, are distributed worldwide to sites like doctors’ practices and hospitals on paper, as comprehensive internet access is not always guaranteed. Find out how LuraTech helped solve the problem.

Payroll can be one of the largest headaches for employers. Pay ’n Time Payroll Services, a regional payroll processing company, routinely eliminates this issue for many companies, but had a large headache of its own – meeting a client desire to send individual pay stubs to those companies’ employees using secure email. Appligent Document Solutions developed a javascript batch process that automated the system, insulating it from human error. Now the service is a money maker for Pay ‘n Time.

ARAG IT required a robust, reliable and high-performance solution that supports the new PDF/A-2 standard. The decision fell to the 3-Heights™ PDF Validator, thanks to its easy to integrate Java interface as well as the excellent support that the customer could rely on during the evaluation phase.

Continuing a long standing relationship, Compart today announced that Ricoh*, a leading provider of digital output solutions, is offering Compart DocBridge Mill transform software as one of the options available in its extensive workflow portfolio.

No longer do you have to choose between archivability with PDF/A or securely signing electronic documents. Now you can have it all with SecurSign 5.

Vector Software Datenverarbeitung GmbH develops and markets a proprietary software package called CDP (Car Dealer Package) for small vehicle businesses. CDP is a dealer management system that covers all aspects of daily operational processes like customer management, vehicle trading, warehousing, repair shop etc. In order to enhance CDP, Vector needed a solution which could easily and efficiently print PDF documents based on specified settings. The software should be easy to integrate in the existing Java code, guarantee compatibility with all standard printer drivers, and offer a high level of flexibility during the printing process, i.e. with the print job parameters.

Vector develops and markets a proprietary software package called CDP (Car Dealer Package) for small vehicle businesses. CDP is a dealer management system that covers all aspects of daily operational processes like customer management, vehicle trading, …

The ISO standard for archiving digital documents, PDF/A, has been in force since 2005. Dr. Hans Bärfuss, founder and CEO of PDF Tools AG, takes a look at what has been achieved during this time and what still needs to be done.

MCS Inc., a manufacturer of industrial inkjet imaging and camera systems for customers in direct mail and graphics arts, will use Compart DocBridge Mill software as the PDF rasterizing engine for Eagle inkjet print heads. As a result, MCS clients in these markets can run a wider range of jobs on their Eagle production lines.

AFP or PDF? Opinions differ on which data format is better for output management. Considering its “triumph” in electronic data exchange, the Portable Document Format (PDF) is often viewed as irreplaceable. Nonetheless, AFP remains the most used format for mass printing. Why?

If one wants to eliminate mountains of paper records and the associated retention costs, then the implementation of a legally binding digital archiving system cannot be avoided. But are corporations and their project leaders sufficiently prepared for this? A large part of a company’s “value” lies in documents. They also form the basis for demonstrating proof during legal disputes. The increasing digitization of paper documents and the flood of documents created by digital sources (fax, emails, e-invoicing, MS-Office, web, etc.) are requiring archivists to deal with the special demands of retaining documents in digital format.

callas software announces a maintenance release for callas pdfToolbox 5. This maintenance release has a couple of new features, most of which are related to checking and fixing problems related to page sizes.The new version of callas pdfToolbox 5 offers improved automatic processing of PDFs, improved checking for bleed, and conditional fixes for page geometry issues, addressing requirements for PDF-upload portals.

The first Italian data transmission network that brings together over 20,000 professionals — including accountants, tax and labour experts — has chosen callas’ package as document conversion and verification software for the PDF/A format. Why did they choose callas?

The DAK, Germany’s second largest healthcare company, has migrated their internal information archive to the new ISO standard PDF/A with help from LuraTech. The archive used to exist as digitalized microfilms, scanned into TIFF format. This had the disadvantages of not only requiring a lot of memory space, but in particular the files could not be full-text searched.

CHUV required an installation that would automate the conversion of all document work flows that enter the archiving systems. Files with various formats such as doc(x), html, rtf and PDF in TIFF G4 are handled within their archive. What solution did they choose? How are patient records affected by PDF/A?

Of the possible candidates for the long term archiving of electronic documents PDF/A won out over XPS (XML Paper Specification), TIFF G4 and JPEG. Why?

Kreissparkasse Ludwigsburg is the first savings bank to archive all documents in color as PDF/A in the central OSPlus archive of Finanz Informatik GmbH. Would you like to know how they did it?

A large percentage of documents are created from scanned hard copies – but you can use PDF/A for these documents as well. PDF/A-1 is a much more powerful option to archive your scanned paper documents! Learn more about the benefits of converting to PDF/A.

The introduction of the new act about the funding of childcare in Zurich had raised the question how to efficiently handle contracts in an enterprise content management environment. The regulation resulted in 60,000 households needing to communicate changes in their household and financial situation on a yearly basis. The entire handling was considerably simplified by means of the comprehensive solution implemented by Advellence. The solution includes the “Information Manager” ELOenterprise, an SAP interface as well as the 3-Heights™ Document Converter Service.

Interact Consulting was appointed by a large German insurance provider to automate the email archiving process for personal email belonging to its claims handlers. The new solution should enable claims handlers to induce the import process for personal email considered worthy of archiving, thereby triggering the archiving process. The challenge lay in developing an automated archiving process for the many millions of emails per year. The choice fell on the solution from PDF Tools AG due to the high throughput rate, stability and reliability of its 3?Heights™ Document Converter Service.

The company secretariat at UBS is responsible for archiving management process documents within the Corporate Center and Business Divisions. During a routine archive review it was discovered that the UBS homepage was not included in the archiving process. Despite an extensive disclaimer on the homepage it was decided that UBS should be able to prove in 5 or 20 years time what it communicates via its homepage today. This would provide UBS with greater security as regards the traceability and verification of communication content and would also be advantageous from a historic viewpoint. Are you curious how they did it?

inbro decided to integrate the PDF Optimization component of PDF Tools AG into their software. The high compression performance, the ability to be run on Linux and in cloud computing as well as the automation of the compression process have been of crucial importance and an imaging clipping customizing lead to further reduction of the file size. The PDF Optimization component enables the solution to efficiently produce PDF documents for several specific purposes. It allows, for example, to send small email-friendly PDF files containing just the information that is needed. In the area of web-based publication it creates lean files optimized for screen display, whose first page is displayed even before the complete file has been downloaded.

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