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Qoppa Software announces latest PDF editor for Windows, macOS, Linux with ribbon interface, inline text content editing with reflow, rich text in form fields, Linux scanning profiles, “Fast Sign” feature, page templates.

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callas pdfaPilot helps businesses to finally realize the ‘digital office’ / callas pdfToolbox provides wide range of preflighting functions

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The new version takes a significant new step in preflight technology by making it possible to detect more problems, while making detection more accurate

Why CSS for Print? XSL-FO has been the standard for styling content for print for a long time, however CSS has been seeing an increase in interest over the last couple years. The reasons for using CSS include, ubiquity, reuse, customization, flexibility and speed.

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Anyone interested in getting in-depth information about pdfToolbox 10 can attend the workshop at the PDF Days Europe 2018.

Foxit is bringing its own high-power squad to the PDF Days Europe 2018

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In mid-May 2018, the next version of QuarkXPress 2018 will be released with the complete integration of callas pdfToolbox.

The requirement for public institutions and authorities to make printed and online information available as accessible documents is not only of great importance, but also prescribed by legal regulations. In our workshop ‘Accessibility for design-heavy publications – with InDesign & MadeToTag’, participants will learn how accessible PDF documents can be created directly from the layout in Adobe InDesign without a big time effort.

Chicago, IL, March 22, 2018 – Datalogics, the premier source for PDF, EdTech and eBook technologies, announces the release of PDF OPTIMIZER version 1.1 – adding even more enhanced features and functionality to an already powerful tool. This new release …

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For callas software, PDF Days Europe is one of the most important events of the year. The provider of automatic PDF processing in pre-press and archiving solutions is on the agenda with several presentations as a Gold Sponsor. In addition, callas software will host a Post-Conference workshop introducing the milestone release of pdfToolbox 10.

Interesting events
ISO TC 171 SC 2 “PDF Week”
Start: December 3, 2018

In December, 2018 the ISO committees for PDF, PDF/A and PDF/UA will gather in Edinburgh, Scotland for four days of meetings to advance each of these standards. The following committees will meet: ISO 32000 / PDF (WG 8) Work: Continued review of errata …